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Happy April!!





Bucks County Photography

We are fools for April in this household- we long for spring beginning in February and frolic with delight every time the temp reaches close to 60.  And now that we have decided to home-school Aidan on his days off from Kindergarten (he’ll be going to Kindergarten in the fall, so this year he’s only in a couple days a week – sort of like warm-up kindergarten…) our lives have gained the orderly peacefulness that I always envisioned for us! I am not sure WHY it took this long to find this peaceful rhythm, but hey it’s here now!  We wake to birds singing, plan hikes for the rare warm morning days,  check on our tiny seedlings to see who’s sprouts are coming up quicker. We’re practicing writing, drawing  journal pictures, writing book reports and watching really cool movies about the solar system! I am digging this! And he is too- he actually is disappointed on regular school days! And Aleia joins right in with us- writing her name, cutting up papers, and shrieking whenever she feels the urge to. We do hope the shrieking phase ends soon…

SO that’s life on the Homefront right now. Most of the time that school  is happening Aaron is typing away on this very laptop, calling contacts, scheduling all the numerous random things that need to occur in order for a business to run. And writing cryptic lists of things for me to do that can not get done until he either becomes more descriptive or hands me the decoder ring…

Right now Aaron Mitchell Photography is gearing up for a whole bunch of cool things- our new brochures should get printed this week, and I think they look pretty darn snazzy- we did a mock up and then the handsome & and talented Mr Todd, our friend, neighbor and VP at Micheal Stumpf and Assoc,  had his crew change &  perfect it for us.  Happily he keeps most of what I write and simply tweaks it a bit to make it even better- good man! Don’t mess with the mama’s writing! 😉  We’re also gettting ready for our first Open House. Janet Mintzer at the Pearl S Buck House invited us to join up with Larry Ott of Open Aire Affairs ( and a select few vendors to showcase our studio. We went to one last weekend at the Sandcastle Winery and met Larry and the other vendors- everyone  was really nice and we should have a great time hanging out with them all for a couple hours while meeting prospective brides. Plus we finally get to do something with the Pearl S Buck House ( we love this place, it is beautiful and we often go on walks thru the property and take pictures- the fall engagement shots on our website were shot there, and really there is not a bad view on the entire property. We are really looking  forward to shooting some weddings here soon!

What else have we got going on? We have some brides lined up for 2010- as far away as 2010 sounds it’s really just NEXT YEAR!! Yikes! We get to shoot my friends kids in a few weeks- Amy Sue & I went to grade school together and now her son Kyle has a baby brother Ryan who is – wow- 6 months old already. We did Kyle’s pictures at about the same age so now we will do Ryan’s and some cute sibling shots. Ryan is a very happy little chubb, and Kyle is the sweetest blue eyed boy (also on our website- you can’t miss those eyes!) and I know he will be a fabulous little model for us. I am thinking of bringing our little blue chair for him to sit on, and play up those eyes even more…

Oh- even more is happening- busy busy busy! We joined up with the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, and thru that have met some awesome people who have been amazingly helpful as we try to figure out how to get our studio thru what seems to be  the Depression of 2009. We joined committees, go to meetings and lunches-  we’re becoming regular little Bucks County Socialites! 😉  We have also joined Habitat for Humanity- and Aaron and our good friend Amy will be working on a house for  them this Thursday! (yes, that’s right- I have a fill in for all manual labor! 😉 HA! ) I am actually going to join their Women Build crew-  they work on different days and that way one of us will be home for the smallens (aka- kids).  And we will be shooting the dedication of a house on April 23, which should be a wonderful & emotional event that we’re really looking forward to.  I am glad we finally decided to do this, Aaron has discussed it for years, and I want the kids to be a part of this too. So they see firsthand and realize that not everyone has what they have, and we hope that they grow up wanting to help and give and support in whatever ways they can.

Well, I will end here, though I am in the groove and could certainly find more to yammer about! 😉 I will now write up our Spring Newsletter, start on an article for the Chamber newsletter,  and maybe have a yummy snack of chocolate granola- surprisingly with almost no sugar!!

Wishes to all for a Happy & Sunny Springtime!!


  • Betti-Lou Maus

    April 13, 2009., 10:52 AM /

    You guys are soooooo busy - I'll have to schedule an appt. to see all of you. Love ya

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