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Handsome Aidan Easter 2009

Handsome Aidan Easter 2009

 Hey Everybody! There are less than 10 days left to submit your entry for our Inner Beauty Contest! The response has been overwhelming, but we don’t want to miss anyone! Make sure you include lots of details as to WHY this person is beautiful on the inside. (And I’m sorry Mom- but nominating me many times does not count- although I appreciated it! 😉  And if I really am all that you say it is only because of how you raised me.)

So what’s new here? Easter was celebrated with many eggs, chocolate bunnies, adorably dressed up children and a house full of family.  And the kids didn’t just receive bunnies- our  favorite chocolate lady Laurie Douglass of Laurie’s Chocolates gave them delicious milk chocolate crosses (of course Aleia can’t eat candy yet, as her brother so happily pointed out, offering to eat hers for her).  I quickly realized, however, that I have obviously been terribly remiss in my explanation of the meaning of Easter, as  Aidan sorted through his basket- “Books, CD, chocolate bunny…” And then, spying the cross- “Ooh! A chocolate graveyard thing!”  

Aleia and Aidan both looked so darn cute for Easter! We tried to get some portraits of  them outside – it was such a  beautiful day- but it was chilly and poor Aleia already had a yucky cold, so the shoot was brief. I think I may actually just dress them up again this weekend while it’s warm and try again….20090412-5898


20090412-58971Aaron & I attended our first Open House at the Pearl S Buck- it was great! All of the vendors are so nice, and we met lots of couples. Of course sampling all the food from the caterers is the best part! Aaron actually managed to sweet talk  one of them into letting him leave with an entire tray of  the most delicious cookies ever…mmmm…..

I am excited about  our new  portrait  sessions, and our packages- especially the new engagement “safari”. We’ve decided to offer an engagement session to our wedding packages- but  this isn’t just a quick  shot of  the couple in front of a background to show off  the ring! Oh no! This session starts in some of the couple’s favorite locations–could be where they met, got engaged, hang out–to the wedding location, parks in the area , any beautiful places meaningful to them. It’s really cool when we can mix some urban settings with some of the beautiful Bucks County area. (Has anyone ever noticed people rarely just write “Bucks County”? It’s always “Beautiful Bucks  County”.  But I digress…) This includes lots of driving, so it takes a few hours, and we’ll stop for food too- hungry people just aren’t fun to shoot . (And hungry photographers bite!) And the best part is what we do with these engagement portraits! We’re including a 20X30 canvas wrap of one of the best  shots to be presented to you at your wedding! We have one on display and I just love it- I want one of me!!  Or the kids…or me…if  I could look as good as the bride we used for this one…;)   And we are also offering  guestbooks now- which I think are so cool. It’s a book  made with all of your  engagement shots, with space for guests to sign and write in. This is great  because who really looks at a guestbook  much once the day is done? But an album  full of pictures of  the couple along with comments from all of your  friends and family- that’s going  to be fun to look at. Again, I want one myself. I think  Lovey & I need to have another wedding so we can do all the cool things the couples now a days can do!!

We have some fun things coming up- today Aaron’s doing a commercial shot for Verizon, tomorrow we meet with Best Friends Pet Care about photographing some of their special events, and Thursday we have our first Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication. I mentioned this one before, and I can’t wait to share some pictures of it and tell you all how it went- we’re really looking forward to this. Imagine being able to present a family with a home that you & they helped create from nothing!  This  is going to be a very emotional day – and if there’s one thing Aaron & I love to do it’s  photograph emotional moments! ; )  Then this weekend is the baby and family session for my friends Amy Sue & Marc Marc.  We  saw their  baby Ryan this weekend – that is one chunk of a smiley baby! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so we should be able to do some outside shots, as well as my favorite nakey- baby ones. I hear he prefers nudity, so I think he’ll be all for it!

And we have some consultations with brides for 2010- and even 2011!  Those don’t even look like real years to me — and yet here they come!

And that’s about it for our week here at Aaron Mitchell Photography– aka Loveyland! Whew!

Peek a Boo!

Peek a Boo!



  • Betti-Lou Maus

    April 22, 2009., 12:59 PM /

    What beautiful children:) LOVE the pictures! (I hope they are going into the picture book you are doing for me.) You guys are getting soooo busy. The best part is that you are having so much fun doing this - that's great! There is nothing like loving your work. The new engagement "safari" sounds very interesting amd the guestbook is a great idea! Love ya

  • Amy O'Neal

    May 20, 2009., 11:44 PM /

    Hey I found you on MBC! Great pictures! I don't know if you'd be interested, but I'm doing a photography related giveaway on my blog!

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