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Gobble Gobble! Or – The week the ceiling fell in….


Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I want to thank those of you who have recently commented to me about our blog–I am so happy to hear that people (other than my family) are actually reading this!  I have loved writing  for years and have never really done any that wasn’t solely  for my own enjoyment – so to hear that there are people out there who look forward to reading about the what goes on during our sessions, or to find out about the latest bizarre happenings to our family, is so gratifying to me!!  I am truly grateful–and on this day of giving thanks I want to really give some–so thank you! 🙂

(To show how grateful he is too, Aaron says he would like me to insert here that anyone who books a session with us between now and the end of the year will get a free extra 8X10 print. )

And now on with the show! And speaking of shows, there was a great one last Saturday at Buckingham Friends School.  Aidan’s acting class- Lights Camera Acting! put on quite the production.  There was standing room only, and that was after the show was divided into two separate viewings!  I think the night went so well, and Miss Aviva managed to pull it all off pretty much single handedly, which is just amazing. I would so love to insert the entire video of my son’s amazing sheep performance, but this is a photography blog so I will refrain…

I will, however, share with you some of the head shots of all of the amazing actors for the show.  Ranging in age from just under 3 years  into teens, these kids were so much fun to shoot!  Even the shy ones couldn’t help but have fun when Aaron is taking their picture!







200911101828-2299200911091810-1971 200911091836-2135






The show was a very big deal at our house.  Aidan’s long- awaited acting debut needed to be celebrated in style, so we planned a cast party for afterwards  (the only actual cast member invited was Aidan…) but the entire family who had come to see the show also came back to the house after to celebrate.  Aidan and I even made, at his request,  a hummus dip tray involving crackers and carrots in the shape of a stage, with a hard boiled egg sheep on top, and many ecstatic baby carrot fans (who were supposed to be cheering and clapping with tiny toothpick arms, but once the edible ink was absorbed into the carrot and began to spread, their  happy smiles turned into hideous screams of terror…oops!)

But the screaming baby carrot people were not even the worst part of the night! Oh no…the worst part was the hole in the kitchen ceiling, still occassionly releasing a tiny drip of water, in the spot beneath the kids’  bathroom. The hole that had been gushing water into the fruit bowl just hours before, during Donghan’s shower….

Apparently during the past two months, the corner of the bathroom had been filling daily with water from the shower, whose head must have been aimed directly at the corner of the tub where the shower curtain had not been pulled… draining down the only untiled part of the floor, slowly and insidiously sliding down the radiator pipe, and accumulating until the day it felt we would be having a lot of people over, and then exploding through.

Aaron was displeased.

To say the least.

I can’t actually say all of  the things he said, very quietly and under his breath,  but suffice to say poor Donghan hid in his room for the rest of the weekend, missing the show and the party. I tried to explain to him that Lovey was more upset about the hole than mad at him– but it didn’t help.

But I am getting ahead of myself!  I almost forgot to mention–we shot Santa! And dogs!! Lots and lots and lots of dogs… I think there were about 40 in four hours…

Saturday, November 14th we did Holiday Pet Pictures at Best Friends Pet Care  in Willow Grove, and we had so much fun! (I’d like to insert here  a very special thank you shout out to the wonderful Mr Todd, for his lightning fast arrival in our time of need!)

We had a wonderful time doing this session–all of the dogs were  well- behaved, their humans were friendly, and Santa was patient and kind and generous with his milk bones to all. There were just so many great pictures from this, I had 38 of  my favorites picked out!!  I think perhaps 38 may be too many for most of you, so I will attempt to limit myself  (although it was hard enough to limit myself with the kids pictures!!)











For this last picture, there was Santa, a bottle of wine, and this blonde…

No no- seriously, we do NOT make jokes about Santa, especially just weeks before Christmas!! 😉

SO I wonder if you are wondering about that very plump turkey at the top of the page? Are you???

Well, let me tell you a little about him! And I can tell you for certain it is a him, because I recently learned all about turkeys! Aidan’s class took a trip to Bolton’s Turkey Farm in Hilltown, and I sometimes wonder if I am more excited about these things than any of the children…fortunately my kid is also highly excitable so we feed off of each other– “Did you know turkey eggs don’ t break if you drop them??!!”  ” No way! Did you know male turkeys will gobble if you whistle at them?!”  (The females just cluck… and shake their heads…hehehe!  But really, they do.)




There is so much to be thankful for these days, as they rush by us in a blur– try to take time to stop and appreciate what and who you have; maybe hug them a little longer or a little tighter, and take a minute to hold onto the moment…

I hope you are all having a wonderful and  relaxing Thanksgiving Day!

Who knows what next week holds for us, although I can say that Donghan did finally come out of his room….


  • Courtney

    November 26, 2009., 11:29 AM /

    Thank you for the blog! I particularly love the picture of the girl in pink with the glasses. Oh, anhd Bolton's is such a great place!Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  • Amy Sue

    November 26, 2009., 12:10 PM /

    I also loved the picture of the little girl with the glasses on - what a doll! I also really love the shirt that the one kid is wearing in the last picture - the back of it that says "If you can read this please pull me out of the snow" LOL!!!! Great blog Cheryl as always!

  • Cheryl

    November 26, 2009., 12:34 PM /

    Thanks Courtney & Amy Sue! :) The picture of that girl was one of my favorites too- the look on her face is so beyond her years! Amy Sue- I was totally wondering if anyone else would notice that shirt! ;) Thank you both so much for commenting!!

  • Life with Kaishon

    November 29, 2009., 1:14 PM /

    Hi Aaron! I googled Perkasie Pa photography blog today because I am looking for someone to help me second shoot a wedding in May : ) and I found you! I am going to look around a little! I love your turkey pictures. Very cool!

  • BliaLee

    December 1, 2009., 11:37 PM /

    Love the pictures!

  • Nadine Taylor

    December 2, 2009., 12:56 PM /

    I LOVE the pics of pets with Santa! They look great- how adorable! Great writing, very captivating :-) Cheers, Nadine

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