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Leaves, trees, and snow!





Bucks County Photography

Hellooo Everybodeee!! (sometimes I like to talk like Grover when I start getting into my blog writing mode…don’t question the muse, man! )

I want to start with some leaves- I had taken some pictures of Aleia in the leaves and ran out of room last time to put them in- so here is one! I was trying to get a good leaf picture with both kids in it for a cool bag I want to get made, but Aidan was not in a posing mood, so no bag will be made yet. But I still got some cute ones of Lei-Lei!

Thanksgiving was enjoyed by our family this year, filled with fascinating turkey facts, and much food was had by all (although my sister did put my whole family at a separate table–I am not sure if I should be offended by this, or just happy that we got our own bowl of stuffing…)

Here is a picture of the three kids in the family– my niece has the fourth on her way!–and wouldn’t you know it’s the photographers’ kids who can’t seem to be able to just sit and smile normal.

Aidan, Weston, Aleia

And later that weekend we were off to get the Christmas tree! Once again Aleia fell asleep on the way to the tree farm, so we left her and Lovey snoring in the truck while Aidan, Donghan and I tramped into the woods to find THE TREE. This year we went to Buck Nurseries Farm, and I forget how many acres the man told me they had, but we covered quite a few of them! Every time we found a good tree, we also found it was already tagged! Finally we found this one- Aidan picked, I approved, and Donghan was our measuring stick because I always try to bring home a 20 foot tree for our 9 foot high living room. Since Donghan had never been tree hunting before, I was excited to have him enjoy the full experience- but somehow the 65 degree day just wasn’t feeling very Christmasy. Everyone at the farm was so nice though, and they wished us our first Merry Christmases of the year.

Of course, that 65 degrees would have been nice for the 25 person family portrait session we had later that weekend. Nancy was hoping to surprise her dad for his 80th birthday, and the whole extended family was home, including one daughter in law just home from Iraq! We had a lot of fun with this family– especially me, because almost the whole family was Men! I like men…

Despite the cold, we were able to shoot a few of the shots outdoors, but for the most part we were pretty much chased back in by the wind. Here are some of my favorites. Her dad is a photographer himself- he actually came in the door taking pictures of everyone yelling surprise!- and my very favorite shot of the day is the one of him taking a picture of his family as we were shooting.

Then we had another crazy week of meetings and functions and things where we met a whole lot of really nice people! (I have added you to my blog list, nice people, so welcome! ) It was a very busy week for women who have businesses- Jessie took me to my first Womens Business Forum meeting, then we had our Central Bucks Chamber Women In Business Christmas meeting at the Aldie mansion, then a card exchange for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, plus Lovey had a Doylestown Photography Club Christmas Party at Stone Ridge Farm Country Inn (which is conveniently right across the street from us). It’s great that part of our job is to go to all these parties! Whee!! (Although I do still really wish I could go to some Men in Business meetings….) Aaron and I both love meeting people, so even this networking part of our business is a blast for us. And then of course there is the food. Let me tell you about the desserts at some of these Chamber events! Doug of Doug’s Cakes makes THE BEST cakes- EVER! Mmmmm… And cupcakes, cream puffs, Baked Alaskan… Since I can’t eat sugar, I get in trouble every time I go near his table- but I am hoping to convince him to segue into a delicious sugar free cake market- which I am sure I could happily make profitable for him!

Then came the snow! Oh how we love the snow! And once you see the pictures, you may see why–we have the most beautiful woods and fields and ponds and quarries– all in, and just beyond, our own backyard. We could not convince Donghan to join us for the 8am foray out into the woods, which is a shame because it was just breathtakingly beautiful. We made snow angels, tracked deer and raccoon prints, and poked at icy ponds with sticks. Later there was snowman building, snow ball fights and sled pulling- which is not fun for me at all because we have no hill, so it’s pretty much Mommy tied to a sled while Aidan yells Mush! and I try my best to pull them around the yard. It is a good workout, at least…

Happy Birthday, Bear Bear!

Yes, this is really just behind our house!

Aidan entering Narnia

That hot photographer guy I get to live with!

Christmas is coming, Hannukah is just about here, and we have so many new friends in our lives to celebrate it all with! And so many new babies coming soon- there will be lots of maternity sessions coming up after the holidays, so prepare yourself for some big naked bellies- artfully done, of course!. 😉 In the meantime, make sure to stop sometime during the holiday bustle and relax a bit. Feel blessed. Catch a snowflake on your tongue, watch some birds at the bird feeder while you sip coffee. Take delight in the excitement of your children, even if you’re feeling frazzled, because someday, somehow, they’ll be all grown up and you’ll wish you could see it again.

Merry Everything, Everyone!



  • Kate Kunnmann

    December 10, 2009., 10:17 AM /

    Hi Cheryl, Thank you so much for keeping me on your e-mail list. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of you and your beautiful family. We relive Jared & Alicia's wedding everytime we look at the beautiful pictures you & Aaron took. Thanks again. Warmest regards, Kate Kunnmann

  • Linda Duvall

    December 10, 2009., 7:42 PM /

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Leaf queen and Snow angel are soooo adorable! Lovey is cute too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Linda McGlinn

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    December 10, 2009., 10:59 PM /

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!! Cheryl - Your Blog is awsome. The pictures are really beautiful. You are very talented - in so many ways. Love ya

  • Donette Radwanski

    February 8, 2010., 2:33 PM /

    I am absolutely amazed at how great the stuff is on this webpage. I have saved this web page and I really plan on visiting the site in the upcoming days. Keep up the great work!

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