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Lori and John’s Wedding at Animals in Distress





Bucks County Photography



Okay- here is one that we have never done before– a wedding at an animal shelter! It was a great day; we always have fun with the people we shoot at any wedding, but I think the people involved in this wedding had to be the kindest of any we have met yet. 🙂 And to make it even better, it was not just a wedding going on that day, there was also a Mardi Paws celebration, so all of the guests- animals and human, were wearing Mardi Gras beads!

Animals in Distress is a no-kill animals shelter that Aaron and I have donated to for years- some of you may remember when Wolf raised money by walking for their Wag Walk Marathon. Right now the shelter has about 300 cats and 300 dogs, and unless the are adopted by a new family, they are welcome to stay there forever. And they do have it pretty nice! I wasn’t allowed to visit the dog side because they were trying to keep them calm for the wedding, but Bonnie took the time to give me a tour of the cat house, where the felines are not confined to tiny wire cages but entire rooms of their own, complete with beds, toys, climbing trees and ladder stand built and donated by the girl scouts. And hanging outside of each picture window hangs a bird feeder, an extra touch that I thought was very cool.  This is a place that goes to great lengths to care for their animals, from all of the care and cozy amenities to the extensive application process to ensure that their next home is the right one.  Check it out at

Lori and John chose to have their ceremony there because it was the place that brought them together, and they wanted to be able to celebrate with the people and animals who mean the most to them- and there were a lot of  animals and people there! All of the species present mingled amicably and really seemed to enjoy the day.

We want to thank Aaron’s photography club buddy Rex Alfes ( for joining us for the day, and also mention the lovely Reverend Brenda Pun who presided over the ceremony. She and her husband are located in Emmaus, PA,  and have been working hard at their new website too- check it out if you need an officiant for your ceremony- She was a pleasure to work with and naturally Aaron & I are always eager to support other husband and wife teams!

Here are just a couple of the happy faces from the day:

Lori and John  200902281340-4967

200902281331rap-3579 200902281359-4995


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