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New Habitats and Babies on horseback- oh my!





Bucks County Photography


Okay- now it’s happened- it’s been 90 degrees for 3 days, and 80 something today, and I am completely in Summer mode. It’s lovely- I’ m all relaxed and happy, as if we are on vacation- but wait! It’s NOT summer! There’s still school to go to, meetings to attend, brides to meet, babies to shoot! And I have to say- I love all of it enough that it doesn’t even change my happiness of summerness- – except the driving to school. I don’t want Aidan to go to school if I feel all summery- I want him to stay home with me and play in the sandbox I’ve converted into a baby pool! And eat ice cream! Go to the park! There are WAY better things to do on a day like this than school! (Yes- this is coming from the school and education obsessed person who began interviewing schools while Aidan was in-utero.) BUT- school does not happen in SUMMER– and this feels like summer! Sadly we were overruled by the Father Figure- our guiding light of RESPONSIBILTY. Yes- when it comes to responsibility, around Aaron it’s in all caps and underlined! 😉 It helps balance out me- where responsibility is often tucked away in a small hidden space under the large  box of HAPPINESS I like to carry around.

But I am sure what you are really wondering about are the pictures of that really cute baby up top! That would be Ryan, the almost 6 month old son of my friends Amy Sue and Marc Marc! (His given name has only one Marc, but that is much less fun to yell across a room, so I added one.) This is a sneak preview of the session we had with them on Saturday. Their son Kyle did a great job posing and waving around those gorgeous blue eyes  of his (okay- he didn’t really wave them, that would be difficult and also creepy- but he did look at us with them- and that’s all the camera needs!) And he was extremely apologetic when he did not agree with a pose- he was very sorry but no- he would not be laying on his back… Ryan was very happy in that position though and peed ecstatically – and often- to display his excitement.  Which reminds me to get that background cleaned… Both kids did great- and so did the parents!



Thursday evening (yep,I am going out of order here- that’s what happens in summertime mode!) was our eagerly anticipated shoot of the Habitat for Humanity home dedication. This was just a wonderful event to be at- the people involved in this are so great and fun to work with, and the sense of warmth and joy around this evening made it such a pleasure and really even an honor to be a part of. Three homes were dedicated to three families, and since it is a very family oriented event we thought we’ d bring the kids along. The plan was to wear Aleia on my back in the Ergo carrier, and Aidan would be as good as he usually is. Aleia was very excited with this idea, right up to the point where I stood still to take a picture. Then she began wailing in my ear and kicking- which really makes shooting pictures difficult.  So much for plans.  Aaron took care of her on the sidelines while I shot, and Aidan was my assistant with his little Kodak sure shot. I think he’s pretty darn good if I must say so myself- here are some of his shots, I love the viewpoint from his height:



And then there are some that I took:




On Sunday we paid a surprise visit to our friends Tim & Tammy, at the stable where they are working and boarding the horse they got for their daughter Katrina. It was a surprise even to me, or else there would not  be photos-now hidden- of me on the horse wearing a summer dress and sandals. But honestly- if you put a horse in front of me that I am actually allowed to ride- I am going to have to ride it! Aidan had a blast wandering the barn with Katrina, and all kids took turns on Twizzler the pony- even Aleia! She looks awfully at home up there already at only 22 months- I think perhaps a pony might need to be in her future…





We have had some pretty touching nominations for our Inner Beauty contest! I have found a winner- and you will hear all about it on our special Mother’s Day blog! 🙂 So stay tuned….


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