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Our family vacation- and more!





Bucks County Photography


We traveled once again to the Outer Bank for our annual Beach Week with the Kelling family! Aaron and Glenn worked together years ago and we have all been friends since– Glenn was Best Man at our wedding and Layla designed my wedding gown! Then they up and moved to Georgia! 🙁  SO as you can imagine we are all pretty excited when we can get together.  Their kids Michael and Cole are conveniently close in age to ours- Michael is one year younger than Aidan and Cole is  3 months older than Aleia- so fun is to be had by all!

There were many highlights to our week- the phrase ” don’t run with the alcohol!” became quickly embraced  (after the children were in bed, of course- no children were actually involved in or harmed during  any alcohol partaking! :))  Aleia developed a crush on Michael, Aidan learned to cannonball and swim across the pool all by himself, and all of the children were introduced to the concept of the Seafood Buffet! We flew kites, explored lighthouses, played in the ocean (which Aleia refers to as “the lotion”- – as in “”AHHH!!! I don’t want to go in the LOTION!!!” )  and we had highly entertaining late night sessions of Wii hula hoop and bowling.  AND I almost finished the 800 page sequel to Gone with the Wind!! That  combined with a nice cup of coffee and an ocean sunrise was a vacation in itself!

Here are just some of my favorite beach pictures–prepare yourself for many adorable kids!


Aleia, Aidan, Michael and Cole


Oh! It's almost a smile!

Oh! It's almost a smile!



Uncle Glenn is SO cool!

Uncle Glenn lookin' all cool


My children are SO different!!


Oh- and of course we snuck in time for family beach portraits! 🙂

The Castro family and Angry Baby

The Castro family and Angry Baby


The Kelling Clan

The Kelling Clan

Then it was back to rainy PA!  The first session we had when we got back was the raindate for the family session of washtub/ bubble baby! This time Tyler was fully clothed and we were outside at one of our favorite locations, the Pearl S Buck House- -conveniently located at the end of our road.  Nate & Shelah did great again, despite the fact that it was the end of a long workday for everyone. The fact that they are naturally photogenic doesn’t hurt either!





There were soem liek this where Nathan did not look like he was in so much pain-

There were more shots of this where Nathan did not look like he was in so much pain- but this one was my favorite! 😉

And I just wanted to add some more of my favorites from Teresa and Michael’s session- the winners of our Inner Beauty contest. I realize I keep referring to the contest but forget that not all of you may know what the heck I am talking about! To recap- before summer Aaron thought it would be fun to have a contest where we asked our blog readers to write in and vote on someone they felt was a beautiful person on the inside.  The prize was a free photo session and $500 worth of prints and products.  We received some very touching entries, but decided that the one sent in by Ruthann nominating Teresa was the winner. Now their session is done, and they will get to decide what products and prints they would like!!


The one where Miyah smiled!

The one where Miyah smiled!



And now I am mulling over our next contest. With my baby girl’s 2nd birthday coming, my thoughts are on babies and how briefly they stay babies! And recently someone mentioned the idea of a  Baby Contest…the concept is still being formed, but I think it would be fun to have people send in their favorite baby picture and let the readers vote on them!  I will have more details on this next week…

And speaking of voting- both my favorite toy shop and bookstore have been nominated for awards! Busy Bee toy store in Doylestown- which you have heard of repeatedly here- is in second place so far,  and I want it to Win!!  So help me ( I mean- them!)  and vote for it too! And Booktenders Secret Garden, also in Doylestown, is like no children’s bookstore you have ever been in. It almost feels as if you have stepped into one of the secret magical shops from Harry Potter when you visit! I highly recommend checking it out, and then voting for it too! Voting ends July 15,  but you can vote once a day. **

**the author of this blog offers these comments as her own personal opinion, and receives no residuals or kickbacks for endorsing these places…yet… 😉


  • Ray Marsilio

    July 2, 2009., 9:13 PM /

    Stunning ... capturing the essence of emotion in rainbow colors. Just beautiful.

  • Joey

    July 5, 2009., 9:52 AM /

    I LOVE "angry Baby"! :)

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    July 6, 2009., 5:37 PM /

    OK - Who pinched Aleia! She can REALLY give a look! Great pics, Thanks, Love ya

  • Hollyann Thompson

    July 16, 2009., 8:51 PM /

    Nice pictures....

  • Debbi

    July 17, 2009., 6:24 AM /

    I love the family picture and the angry baby! I always look forward to seeing pics of your beautiful kids. keep up the good work!

  • scrap53

    January 16, 2010., 10:32 PM /

    Wonderful pictures, have you every thought about putting them in a digital scrapbook, to share them on myspace, facebook, in e-mails etc?

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