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Summer’s End…and now Fall into craziness!





Bucks County Photography




The last week of Summer always causes within me an internal struggle–sadness that the wonderful season sunshine and relaxation is done mingles with the excitement of a new school year. The crisp air (which amazingly actually turned quite crisp suddenly- right smack on September 1st this year!) and fresh new notebooks- the sight of a new clean page of fresh paper still makes me tingle! Bringing back out the sweaters and jeans, making Halloween plans, watching the apples get ready to be picked– thank goodness these things help keep me from being able to stay sad about summer’s end for too long!



cool K'nex mask made by K'nexpert Tim!

cool K'nex mask made by K'nexpert Tim!





We spent our last week of summer doing everything summery we could fit in- and the 90 degree temps helped us! We went to the pool one last time, participated in the last Brown Bag it with the Arts in the courthouse courtyard, paid a visit to our favorite toy store Busy Bee Toys,  stayed up late watching movies, went to a cool K’nex event, and decided that we needed a Chinese exchange student.   Um- what? Wait a minute- what was that last part?? Yes, that’s right- we (let me emphasize that word again- WE- unlike the decision to get the dog, this one was truly joint, despite what Aaron may claim) decided to have a Chinese exchange student stay with us for the school year!  Here’s how it happened:  I received an email from my mom’s group from a mom saying she helps find host families for the exchange student program Forte International, and that two boys still needed homes, and school was starting in a few weeks. Hosting an exchange student is something both Aaron and I have wanted to do, but we were thinking more like when Aidan & Aleia were in high school. However, you just can’ t tell our family that someone needs a place to stay and expect us not to take them in! Which is how, on Saturday, Donghan He will be coming to live with us! We are all very excited, Aidan can’t wait to take his new “big brother” everywhere- he has great plans for museums, the Titanic exhibit in NYC, Philly’s historic sites, and someone new to build Legos with . I am very curious about the experience of having a teenager in our house, and Aaron just keeps walking around shaking his head, still wondering where this dog came from 4 years ago…

I am sure our experience is going to provide tons of great blog stories- and of course fantastic photo ops, with all the places we plan to take Donghan He –whose nickname at home is Slim–  perhaps from his love of rapper Eminem, which is his preferred music of choice, as opposed to the love classical music stated on his application…;).  So stay tuned, I am foreseeing a very Sixteen Candles-like experience coming soon!







But back in the studio– we met lots of great new brides this month! Our wedding calendar for 2010 is becoming really booked- and I like all of the couples so much! I love that our job is to hang out with new people and get to take pictures of them. It’s amazing that none of our work really feels like work to us. We are just so fortunate to have found a career that we both love being in! Oh- AND– we were nominated for Philly’s Best Wedding Photographers- we’re not up to #1 yet- but you still have time to vote for us!  Voting ends September 11- tell your friends! 😉

Let’s see- what else has been going on…

We are planning a Grandparents day session at Brandywine Dresher Estates, where we, with the help of my great friend Crystale,  are offering the families of her residents the opportunity to have their family portraits done with us, and receive a free 5X7 as a gift.  I know my own grandmother would have leaped at the chance to have her picture taken professionally, so hopefully these grandparents will enjoy this!

And what end of Summer would be complete without  Back to School Day?? Our baby boy entered the public school system this year! Aidan was very excited about his first day, and not the least bit nervous. I was one of the classroom moms on the first day, directing the children where to go- and rather than being comforted by my presence, my son felt I was cramping his style! He barely acknowledge that I was his mom, and after 20 minutes he seemed to be signaling for me to leave! (turns out he was actually signing the letter ‘P’, to say he had to go to the bathroom, but that one is not in my signing repertoire so I thought he was unobtrusively pointing me to the door- and I left! Fortunately he eventually made clear his need to the teacher, and was able to go to the bathroom! ;))


First Day of Kindergarten!

First Day of Kindergarten!





And so we begin the month of September- -with so many exciting new things happening all around us! My friends and I heralded the change of the season with a quick trip to NYC- the city of possibilities! Diana and I love New York!! While I could never live there, myself– I need trees to breathe– we both seem to thrive off of the energy of the city that never sleeps, and just need to drive up periodically for a quick fix. This time the occasion was our friend Ray’s cabaret show! I have been to his other shows in Doylestown, but this one was a first for Diana and our friend Sue, and a first time for all of us into the Hell’s Kitchen area. (It seemed pretty nice to me…) Ray’s show was fabulous as usual, and once the video is done I will post it so you all can enjoy his talented singing voice.


New York, New York!

New York, New York!


Those wacky British Blondes!

Those wacky British Blondes!





Now, join us as we fall further into Autumn- school days, dance classes, pumpkin picking, hayrides, hilarious exchange student stories, engagement sessions, gorgeous fall weddings, and the pièce de résistance– HALLOWEEN!







  • Joey

    September 8, 2009., 6:55 PM /

    I love the pictures this week!!

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    September 21, 2009., 2:38 PM /

    I love the pictures - they're great! Love ya

  • Life with Kaishon

    November 29, 2009., 1:25 PM /

    Doesn't the time just fly? I can't believe that summer is over and now fall is almost over too : )

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