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Thanking our military families





Bucks County Photography



     The unofficial start of Summer has come, and we had the nicest weekend for it!  Despite threats of storms, we spent almost all of the weekend outside at parties, having  a great time, and enjoying our last work-free  weekend until…oh…sometime in September…. But besides being the weekend that all the pools open, there actually is another reason for Memorial Day!  Aaron thought that we should do something special to remind people how fortunate we are live here in the US, and to remember the people who helped make us free in the beginning, and thank those who  keep us safe now.  Aaron and I are really pacifists at heart, and don’t understand why everyone in the world just can’t get along.  And while we would be much happier if no one ever felt the need for war, we are extremely grateful to those who do fight for our country.  So we wanted to do something to thank them, and the families  supporting them and waiting  for them to come home! We are offering to take portraits of any military families at a seriously reduced rate, and include a DVD of all the proofs that they can send to the rest of their families via email or mail- for only $150.  (The normal value of such a package would be $350!)  But we need help- we don’ t know any military families ourselves- and we have no way of letting anyone know about this! We do have one family whose portraits we’re taking in June before the husband is deployed again, but so far that is it. And we’d like to be able to offer this to more people!  SO — if you know anyone that this could apply to- send them this blog, or tell them to call us! Since it’s such a great deal we can only offer it for a short time, but if they book with us by the end of June we can schedule the shoot for any time during the year.


And lots of other exciting things are happening in and around the studio! The end of the school year is coming- YAY!! I may be more excited about it than Aidan- I want SUMMER!!  Kindergarten graduation is soon, and then we leave for our annual Beach Week in the Outer Banks with our favorite Kelling family!! Woo hoo!  It’s really hard to say who gets more excited about this one- the parents or the kids. And while I promised Layla we would not be paparazzi and post bikini clad pics of her on here, I promise YOU that there will be some fun beach pictures to come! 😉 The countdown has begun, and there are 18 days to go!



The boys hangin’ at the beach house last year


Speaking of graduation–if you think you take a lot of pictures of your kids events, and fear you may be embarrassing them- just tell them they’re lucky they don’t have us there! Poor Aidan has Daddy with two cameras slung around his shoulders, one with the long lens (you know- the big white one they use for shooting sporting events??) and Mommy has not only the camera but also the Video Camera. And since we’re used to moving around to shoot events, we can’t just sit in our seats and clap proudly like the other parents- oh no- one of us is creeping up the center aisle in a squat while the other makes sure to get  another angle from the side… This child’s life events are well -documented, let me tell you! 😉  Here are some from his pre-K  graduation last year:






You can see how thrilled he is about being photographed…yet again!  😉

 Have I mentioned before how much we all love First Friday in Doylestown?  We never miss it! If you tell our kids it’s Friday they perk up- “FIRST Friday??!!”  (They are disappointed 3 Fridays out of the month this way… ) But THIS First Friday we get to be actual participants!! Yes!! My friend Nerice, owner of Busy Bee Toys in Doylestown–which is only THE BEST toy shop EVER, I have actually taken all my friends and family there just to show them what I have been raving about– is letting Aaron Mitchell Photography sponsor a craft night there!  We’ll be making picture frames with the kids, for Father’s Day gifts or just to hold summer memories- and we’ll even take a picture of each child that we’ll email them to print out at home and put it the frame! So come on by and join the fun- and you can meet in person that hot photographer guy you see on our About Us page! 😉  We’ll be there Friday June 5 from 6pm- 9:30 pm- and check out their website for other events going on- she’s always doing something  fun there!

In the next two weeks we are shooting both our first military family AND Teresa Godshall’s family, our Inner Beauty Contest winner- and we’ll be posting some previews of each! In the meantime,  enjoy some silly shots of our kids playing around the studio- and some more of Aidan’s own work- I think he has really captured the true essence of  his beloved Bo Bear in some of these!  🙂




This is Bo Bear- Aidan’s favorite model. I think these shots are awesome, especially for a 5 year old!!


And here are Aidan and Aleia, lounging about posing for Daddy.















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    love this photo. I am from LI and we have beautiful beaches like this. I am so glad it's summer now! I'm following you now.

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    June 15, 2009., 12:41 PM /

    My Name is also Aaron Mitchell, this site makes me laugh.

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    June 15, 2009., 8:23 PM /

    Wow, this is a gorgeous pic! It captures such a beautiful moment. The scene looks completely peaceful.

  • Juanita

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    P.S. I was talking about the beach photo, but the other ones are beautiful too. The beach scene is just outstanding!

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