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The Very Coolest Couple~ And Flying Purple Luggage!





Bucks County Photography


Our latest wedding couple was a little miffed that they were not the Sweetest Couple Ever, so I have given them the title of Coolest, which is far more appropriate for them. They are so darn cool that I think you can even see the coolness emanating from their pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, Joey (Jacyntha) & Lance were not just a regular wedding shoot for us– they are also our friends, our babysitters, and pretty much like family. I have known Joey since she and my niece went to school together, and she’s been part of our family ever since. We didn’t met Lance until later- but it doesn’t take long to like him– especially since he’s such a great cook! I was even invited to join Joey and her friends at her bachelorette party, which was a blast– and there are photos but sadly I do not have them, which is probably just as well as I don’t want to tarnish the sterling reputation of our studio with pictures of me out partying! ๐Ÿ˜‰ …Although I wouldn’t mind a picture of that hot guy with the awesome accent …**sigh**

This wedding was also different for us as it was our first working with Mitch from Tanner Lane Wedding Videos. He specializes in vintage wedding videos so they all have a cool old-film reel look and style to them. I showed you what he did to our own (old!) wedding video, now here is an example of what he can do with what he shoots himself.ย  Take a look!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding- but HOT! However, since it poured with rain the days before & after, we will gladly take hot & sunny. It made the outdoor shots more difficult- 90 degree heat is pretty wilting to both bridal parties and photographers–but we got some fun ones, I like the playground shot a lot. But the inside pictures on the bar are my very favorite- and we give our thanks to the owner of the Bay Pony Inn , who so graciously allowed us to lay Joey on his bar, and to the nice patron eating his lunch at the same bar while we shot, who seemed completely unfazed by the bride laying inches from his plate. Here are just a few of the ones I liked best–hope you guys like them!








I LOVED this limo driver in the reflection- he was just so Wedding Singer!

I loved the reflection of the limo driver, he was so "Wedding Singer"!



The day after the wedding, we packed up the kids and the dog and headed for the mountains! We were not able to go on our long- awaited 40th birthday trip for Lovey this year, so our friend Karen was incredibly kind enough to give us a week at her cabin at Big Bass Lake! We were thrilled, and Bear was so happy to finally be included on a trip. The drive was even shorter than I expected, and the cabin was adorable- I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of it! We all had a wonderful week. I drug everyone out hiking the first two mornings, because my idea of fun in the mountains is to wake early and wander around in the woods- what could be better than that? The first day was a 1.1 mile hike, the second day 2 miles. Aidan & Bear had no problem– Bear was just so happy!–and even Aleia made it one way for both days- but Daddy’s hike back each time was made a little more challenging by having to carry her…And that was our last day of hiking…

We swam in the lake, took out the rowboat–hehehe–that was really fun! We had gotten about , oh, 3 feet from the dock when one of the oar locks fell off, and Aaron and I watched as it sank into the depths of the seaweedy lake. Now we were adrift with 2 children, and one oar. Well, there were still actually two oars but only one was useful, as the other one was in MY hands and that is just not good! I tried to help Lovey guide the boat back to the dock but managed only to get us going in a circle, and then over the ropes & buoys that mark off the swimming sections of the lake from the boating section. Fortunately the lifeguards were too busy laughing at us to say anything, and Aaron valiantly attempted to "canoe" our big metal rowboat back to shore–the current really wanted us to stay in the swimming section but Lovey was determined. We made it back to the dock, accompanied by Aidan’s endless commentary, and managed to disembark everyone safely. And that 7 foot circumference of a boat ride, lasting 10 minutes, satisfied everyone for the week. I am sure it was most satisfying to those watching, however… And when we wandered hardware stores looking for replacement oar locks, the word kept making me think of Morlocks, and Aaron think of Warlocks, so we were just cracking ourselves up–we do amuse ourselves! ๐Ÿ™‚

That was not the end of the entertainment for our trip though-I am sure you are wondering about the flying purple luggage..and we shall get to it.

But first we went to Steamtown, which was wonderful- all of us loved it, it is set in Scranton PA in the actual old DL&W roundhouse, which is still used today to work on the engines. We got a train ride, toured the museum, watched a cute film about the times of steam engines, and learned a lot! AND it was very reasonably priced, too- I would highly recommend going if you are up way with kids!

And we met some incredibly nice people at the Lake- I met Alice on the playground with her grandson and we got to talking , and she ended up giving me her husband’s phone number because he teaches kids how to fish, and Aidan had been dying to learn. He called Chris the day we were leaving and asked if he could teach him, and even though the poor guy was obviously pretty busy he took an hour out and met us at the dock, and showed Aidan (and us) the correct way to bait and cast. Aidan spent the rest of the day fishing in whatever water we happened to be near. He didn’t catch anything- but he did get pretty good at casting!

And then we packed up to come home. And we told Lovey that we didn’t think bungee cording the luggage to the top of the truck was a good idea. But he wanted Bear to have some more space to lay down, so he did. And just as Aleia finally fell asleep, Aidan need to go to the bathroom. SO we got off and found a gas station, and reset the GPS to send us on from there, deviating from our original route. And on our new route was a big bump. And then a second bump. And than a TWANG, and as we watched in the mirrors we could see our purple luggage flying thru the air, onto I- 80, into the path of a large tractor trailer. (I pause now to say that while the luggage was indeed a shade of purple, Dann and I prefer to call it a shade of eggplant or, even better- aubergine) The smaller black suitcase followed right after. We were lucky that there were no cars immediately behind us, although the truck barreling towards them was disturbing, and I yelled- TRUCK! It managed to swerve past the luggage , which was considerate enough to stay in our lane AND stay closed- so we did not have the added indignity of having all of our belongings strewn across the highway. The pack and play decided to wedge itself under a small car, but a kind U-haul stopped and blocked further traffic as we pulled over the side. I watched in fear as Aaron ran back down the highway to reclaim the cases, and yank the pack and play out from under a confused and frightened boy’s car. The most terrifying part of this escapade was when Aaron was wedged underneath the front of the car, whose tail end was still hanging out on the highway, yanking on the pack and play as I helplessly watched a truck going about 70 towards him and then veer quickly away into the next lane. Thus causing other cars to veer back towards our truck, stopped on the side and filled with my sleeping children. I rolled the truck back down the highway as Lovey gathered up our amazingly intact belongings (except for the pack and play) and we loaded back up.

For the rest of the ride I couldn’t shake the feeling of utter thankfulness, combined with lingering pangs of fear over what could have happened. What if there had been cars directly behind us? What if we hadn’t changed routes for a potty stop? What if that truck headed directly towards Aaron had been going 10 miles an hour faster, or if the driver had been glancing down at his phone at that second? Or even if our suitcases hadn’t been so cool that they refused to open? Too many possible scenarios could have made that day end much differently, with a possible tragedy rather than a funny story for our blog , and I am so incredibly thankful all of the forces that be that combined to keep our lives the same that day–God, Fatte, Chance, Karma- I don’t want to leave anyone out!

And never again will we be bungee cording our (new) lugagge to the top of the truck. Bear will just have to deal. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Lance

    August 13, 2009., 8:03 PM /

    That was soooo cool. :) you two really know how to make a person feel good. Thank you for the wounderful comments and the pictures you've taken. We really feel like the wedding wouldn't have been the same with out you two!! Also thanks for the dance:) You two are wonderful , and your children are too, we are very proud to be your friends. the Roetlings

  • Cheryl

    August 13, 2009., 9:27 PM /

    We love you, Man! :)

  • Aaron

    August 13, 2009., 10:42 PM /

    I knew I should have used the ratcheting tie downs... cheap bungees... and they only had 25 miles to go too! :)

  • Joey

    August 14, 2009., 9:14 AM /

    Im glad you guys made it home intact! It got a little "final destination" there at the end! Love you! ps. GREAT blog, best one yet :)

  • Hollyann Thompson

    August 15, 2009., 12:04 AM /

    Great pictures!

  • Debbi

    August 15, 2009., 8:17 AM /

    What a horrific experience! Glad you all came out in safely and could find the humor in it! By the way, I LOVE the manner in which Cheryl writes these blog entries. She has a real talent!

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    September 21, 2009., 2:58 PM /

    Wow!! I didn't know that. That sounds like a nightmare! I guess a good nylon rope would be good for next time - then Bear would be happy. Yes - you certainly do have a talent :)(you always did) Love ya

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    September 21, 2009., 2:59 PM /

    PS Enjoyed the pics.

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