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Tricks and Treats!





Bucks County Photography


Ahhhhhh… last, the highly anticipated Halloween celebrations are completed!! Maybe we throw ourselves into this holiday a little too much- we start in September,  drive ourselves crazy over the littlest details for costumes and decorations and parties, and by November 1st we lie in a heap, exhausted! But the results are always worth it- I think we had a great time this year- some of us possibly an even better time than others;).  Perhaps that is why this blog is coming out a week after all the festivities…

So, let me begin by first going back to the middle of the month, when we hung out with our new friend Jessie at Healthlink’s 6th Annual Golf Tournament! Sadly, because of the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve had for the past, oh, 5 months, the actual golfing part was postponed. However, the party must go on– and we were there to shoot it! 🙂 Held at the lovely Spring Mill Country Club, the banquet and silent auction were a huge success, with a lot of people in attendance despite the Phillies game! For those who are not aware of it, Healthlink is a non-profit organization that offers primary care and dental services to adult working uninsured residents of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Here are some shots from the night:














Next day we all headed up to NYC to see the Titanic Exhibit! This was the first trip to New York for all of the kids, including Donghan, so everyone was pretty excited. And we had a wonderful time- -Aidan and I slowly toured the exhibit, in awe of the things that survived intact, reverently touching a  piece of the hull that they recovered and brought up from over 2 miles beneath the sea. But we are torn between being fascinated by the artifacts,  yet dismayed that the wishes of the original discoverer had not been observed– that this was a site that should be left undisturbed. And the rest of the day was great- we saw sooo much of typical New York – things that deserve to be captured with a camera- IF ONLY I HAD BROUGHT ONE!! Yes, that’s right- the photographers forgot their freakin’ CAMERA!! I was so upset- we saw the Naked Cowboy in Times Square (to the children’s delight -Aleia kept saying  “I just don’t understand why he isn’t wearing a coat?!”  and gesturing with her chubby little arms).   And we saw the biggest Toys R Us that we’ve ever seen, met Spiderman, had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp–none of which I can show you! 🙁 There is one photo from the day, of Aidan and I on a replica of the grand staircase on the Titanic, which I wanted to scan and show you but it doesn’t seem to want to work nicely with me…

Next up was headshots for acting class! Lights, Camera, Acting!  is the best thing I have done since I had children! 😉  Aviva Meyrowitz is just an amazing person whom Aaron and I are thrilled to now call a friend, and she has started this program for both children and adults that I can just not praise enough! Aidan is in one of the kids’ classes, and he is having the time of his life–he’s being TOLD to act silly and crazy! But he’s also actually learning about acting and theater, in ways that  to him are  just fun games. The youngest age for classes is  3, so Aleia is counting the days until she can be in one too.  As for the adults class, all I can say is that I hadn’t laughed as hard as I did during that first class in years! The fact that one hour a week I was doing something that was completely just for me, and just for fun, was thrilling. It was like living an episode of Who’s Line is it Anyway- props and all!  Even the most reserved person would be able to let go and have fun with this, because Aviva makes you do it all in a group- you’d actually look sillier if you weren’t  participating!  But,  I digress- we all love it, you must check it out, and here are some of the headshots we took of the adult class. We’ll be doing the kid’s classes next week- so anticipate unadultrated cuteness coming soon!











Next day bright and early at 4am–and this is not morning to me, this is still nighttime– Aaron was dragging my still coffee-less body into the car to head once again to NYC, for the PDN (Photo District News) Conference. And once more we took too many seminars, and left with our overfilled brains buzzing with new knowledge;  Aaron wanting the latest Canon camera or two, and wonderful ideas of ways to improve the studio. We love learning from some of the best, whose work we really admire— my favorite seminar was done by Joe Buissink, who not only does amazing work but seems to do it with the same passion and sense of fun that we do.  He, too, focuses on capturing the emotion of the moment, and “the essence of each person in those moments.”  I am quoting from his own website, which is filled with gorgeous photos, but it also briefly describes a special project that Joe is working on, a book called The Help Group’s Autism Heros Book, which is a collection of photographs and interviews of families affected by Autism.  I had the opportunity to  work with autistic kids as an undergrad coding  studies at Temple Univerity’s Infant Lab. I was deeply affected by the experience,  and have been a strong advocate of finding a cause and supporting research and treatment  for autism spectrum disorders since then. At this point there are very few of us who do not know of a family diagnosed with some aspect of the disorder, and I think reading this book could benefit many.  Aaron and I have met Joe and seen his seminars each time he is anywhere nearby (although so many photographers do that I am sure he would not have the faintest idea who I am! ) and if you are at all into photography and like our style- you should check out what he does, and see what we aspire to soon do!

Speaking of wedding photography, Rebecca and Michael Cohen’s wedding was also that weekend! We were blessed with a rare sunny day (what is up with this weather lately- Donghan asked me if PA was always so rainy!). The wedding began at Keneseth Israel, and commenced at the gorgeous Joseph Ambler Inn. We are so lucky to be in Bucks County, there are just so many incredible places to shoot weddings!! This is another one that really does not have a bad location on all of its grounds, and the staff were so great to us! I love anyone who goes out of their way to bring me food, let me tell you! 😉  The stone buildings and beautiful landscaping were ideal for a Fall wedding, and Rebecca and Michael picked a perfect day.  Working with them and their families was a lot of fun– we mercilessly mocked cousins, bonded with dads, and overall had a great time! Oh, we took some pictures too! 😉 Michael is so sweet he even forced giant flower centerpieces upon us, which I was more than happy to accept! They even made sure we took home some cake for the kids. They are just a great couple, and I have to say that the speeches at their reception were some of the most heartfelt ever,  even I was getting choked up!  Here are some of the shots from the day:









































Now, I know this blog is getting long–but I just have a lot to say this week! 😉  October is one crazy busy month for us,  and we just must share our Halloween pcitures too.

Our Halloween Party was held on Mischief Night this year, right after the kids were dropped safely off at my parent’s. The mummy costume I had worked on all week and was so excited about was a dismal failure- and I was almost in tears 5 mins before the party, ripping it from my body when Aaron suggested I just wear the witch costume I had worn that morning.   “I don’t WANT to be the witch again!” I wailed, until he held up the small green latex witch’s chin and said  “But you can wear this!”  That convinced me, and I have to say I had a blast in my costume! I think everyone who made it to the party had a great time too– but I must admit some of the night is a bit of a blur… Enjoy the pictures, and yes, that lovely blonde woman next to the flower really IS my husband! 🙂 






200910302204-1700                                                                                                                          200910302201-1683200910301856-04792200910302047-04807



Next morning we had a one year bithday party ( Amy Sue, I was sooo cursing you as I drug my poor body out of bed a mere 5 hours after I fell into it!) and from there we went right into some early trick – or -treating.  Home for a quick dinner, then off into the dark to hit the development near by. The downpour did not daunt my little ghost and witch, Aleia exclaiming “I love the sprinkles!” as the rain soaked her tiny pointy hat and Aidan kept trying to swipe his friend’s umbrella.








Stay tuned in November– we’ve got some parties coming up this weekend where I am sure I will get some incrimating photos to post, and then believe it or not it is time for Christmas pictures! AHH!! The pumpkins are barely squishy, and yet here we are– we’ll be at BestFriends in Willow Grove  on November 14 to get pet pictures with Santa. You don’t want to miss this! I have antlers!

Happy Fall everyone, and start being Thankful now for all that you have, before everyone begins wishing for what they want…. 😉


  • Life with Kaishon

    November 29, 2009., 1:19 PM /

    What a gorgeous couple! And what a beautiful fall day for a wedding! What kind of camera does Aaron want? I need to go to some workshops for sure!

  • HeatherMcDougle

    December 9, 2009., 4:21 PM /

    You take beautiful pictures! I found you from MBC and now follow you! Check me out if you have a chance!

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