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Bucks County Photography

Hello and Welcome to the Aaron Mitchell Photography Blog! It is here that I will be posting sneak previews of our most recent sessions, as well as random commentary about each shoot. We will also provide news, updates and witty banter about what is going on in and around our home studio in general, so check back often or you might miss something good! Ooohhh, maybe we’ll even give out prizes to the people leaving the most comments!! 😉

To get started and catch you up on what we’ve been doing, here are some posts about some of this winter’s sessions:

The latest Clineff addition!

I can honestly say that I could not handle having 3 children under the age of two- some days I wonder if I can handle my ONE child under the age of two! 😉 Fortunately Amy and Ted can, and they do it with aplomb- and it’s not often one gets to use word aplomb!

The Clineff family is now five- 22 month old twins Courtney and Christopher have become big sister and brother to baby Carey Hope. Carey was a wonderful model- she slept deeply, ate, and contendedly peed on me. It’s just the price we pay for demanding diaperless shots of a 3 week old…

Courtney and Aaron bonded quickly and she had a great time mugging for the camera, while Christopher occassionally decided to join in. Chris is his own little whirlwind- he is literally just a streak of happy motion in some of the shots! Everyone did great, and I really just have to reiterate that I am still in awe of Amy’s ability to remain calm and in the moment with all that is going on around her- I wish I could bottle some of that peacefulness. Well- I suppose we did, in a sense, with some of these pictures!

Carey blanket Courtney Ted and Carey

The Wurtz Family

This was an especially fun shoot- being friends with the family always makes for a good time!

This was our third session with the Wurtz family. We have already shot Stacy’s beautiful pregnant belly along with her handsome husband Brad, and then baby Logan with big sister Taylor a few weeks later. Now were were doing a family shot as a surprise gift for Stacey’s parents, and also newborn shots of new baby cousin Ava.

This very photogenic family were a breeze to shoot- even the dog was hamming it up for the camera!

Then we focused on Ava and her mom & dad. She was so young she hadn’t even lost her belly cord yet- which limited us for some poses but we simply focused on that adorable tiny face.

Enjoy some of our favorite shots from this day:

Baby Ava Everyone! Puppy

The Cox Family
Now here was our biggest session yet- even larger than some of the big wedding parties! Ron’s extended family was going to be in town over the holidays, and he wanted to get a family portrait done- of all 17 family members! From Ron’s parents to his youngest niece, everyone in the family was friendly and happy and easy to work with- even if some did need some yummy bribery to be coaxed to sit still…;) Including, of course, Dawn’s dog Tasha. We always like to include the pets- they’re family too. Sadly, this was to be Tasha’s last photo session, as she passed away in January after 14 wonderful years.

Whole Family


  • Rae Ann Curry

    May 21, 2009., 9:41 AM /

    What great photos! I particularly like the new baby wrapped in a blanket and the Yorkie. I am following you from the MBC Under 100 Club. I look forward to reading more!

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