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What a wonderful week!





Bucks County Photography



So I warned all of my loyal readers that the past week was going to be a busy one- and boy was it! SO busy that now it is TWO weeks past and I am way behind on posting! I am sorry!

On Thursday my baby boy graduated fromKindergarten! 🙁  Well, really round one of kindergarten– since he has an August birthday we’re having him do it again in the public school next year so he is nto a full year behind all the other kids. But this was round one from Kinder Works, and despite the rain and tiny, tiny chairs squished into the room, the kids put on a great show! They sang, they danced, we cried- it was wonderful!









Grandmere with the graduate!

Grandmere with the graduate!



The next night was First Friday in Doylestown! The entire Castro Clan was at Busy Bee toy store in Doylestown to celebrate First Friday with a special Aaron Mitchell Photography craft–picture frames! Aleia thouroughly enjoyed decorating her picture frames- and so did the 500 or so other children who came into the shop that night! Whew! The rainy night just didn’t seem conducive to a stroll thru town,  so we had lulled ourselves into believing that it would be a slow night- we were WRONG! There’s a reason the word BUSY in in the name of teh shop– that store was rockin’! I was exhausted at the end of three hours! But we made lots of new friends,  and it seemed that a good time was had by all. And I was happy to learn that the toy store will be open late every Friay night for the summer- thanks to the amazing Julia!  I only got to meet her briefly before I was trampled by a horde of tiny people, but I can see that she is awesome with the kids- she is one of  those people who doesn’t talk at kids, but with them. So now you must stop by Busy Bee on a Friday night and check things out! 🙂  (And when you do go in, you will actually get to see Nerice, the owner, who managed to hide from our cameras all night!)


















The Amazing Miss Julia

The Amazing Miss Julia



Tuesday we shot a baby in a washtub! (Yikes- we really need to find another word for a  shoot, or people are going to come arrest us… ) Tyler was an amazing model- he was all  happy and smiley, and seemed to know just how to pose! We had a great time with Shelah & Nate, and the session went so well- even though it was wet out so we had to postpone the outdoor family shots. Fortunately Nate’s depature date to Iraq was postponed, so we have time to get it before he leaves–for a YEAR. 🙁  Shelah had some very cool ideas for the session–the mirror shots she just came up with while we we there– and it was so much fun working with parents who were so excited to try new things-  now if only I could  find a better bubble formula….




























Friday Aaron assisted his photography club buddy Rex Alfes do a wedding in Lambertville, NJ- and amazingly it did not rain. They did almost melt, but they did not get rained on…
















And then came Saturday! This was the session we had been looking forward to since we met the winners of the Inner Beauty Contest! Once again the rain held off for us, and we had a beautiful morning for the session. The kids were sooo good- Aidan was my buddy, possibly due to the swedish fish I doled out in-between shots.  Emma was just beautiful, she could be a model, and she was so wonderufl with Miyah. Miyah was not having much fun with us, sadly- but she did fine until it came time for her individual shots. Skyler really seemed to be having fun- he even called me Lovey! 😉  I hope Teresa and Mike had a good time too- it’s hard to look relaxed and happy while trying to corral 4 kids, but I thought they did a great job! And I loved the outfits she picked out- matching white dresses for the girls and navy blue shirts for the boys. And Ruthann, Michael’s Aunt and the nominator of this wonderful family for our contest, even stopped by to watch the session. We hope the family enjoyed the morning as much as we did- and  that they will enjoy the pictures for a long time to come!  🙂











Miyah was not having fun

Miyah was not having fun











Ruthann and Skyler

Ruthann and Skyler

Next week- THE BEACH PICTURES! 🙂  With lots of bikini shots of the Kelling family!!  (He he he- just kidding!) And the family portrait session at the Pearl S Buck that was rained out, and whatever other random ephemera floats out of my head as we begin to stroll into summer….ahhhh…..


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