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28 hours, 238 miles, 219 tiny dancers- and a big bottle of Advil!





Bucks County Photography

Hey there!! Brace yourself for a photographic journey the likes of which you have never seen!!

I will start with some happy families, move past the bride with the cow and the uninvited turkey, briefly mention some cute men, and delve slightly into the world of dance photography…

We’ll begin our journey by celebrating 50 years of marriage! Our neighbors Dawn & Ron wanted to get portraits to celebrate her parents anniversary- and we were the most local photographers they could find! 😉 We wandered across the street with our children and some equipment, and hung out for a bit shooting people. I love how formal and serious her parents look in the one shot, until she throws her head back to laugh at her husband in the next one. And yes, we know Anthony and Aleia are a little young to be dating, but Anthony adores her, and she likes the snacks at his house, so they make it work!

It’s hard to get a two year old boy to sit still for pictures with his family! 😉  We did finally get one- but I love this one!

Later that same day we went to Tyler Park with our good friends Brad & Stacey, to get some fun family portraits. You can’t really do anything with Brad without having fun! We love hanging out with them all, and we really need to find a way to do so more often –without them having to pay us!

Then came the men! Men at the Michener! AHHH!!! Our friend Todd Parlee (everyone we worked with this week was our friend! And if it’s the first time we’ve ever seen you- you’ll be our friend by the time we’re done with you! …whether you want to be or not!) wanted us to get a cool shot of him with Michael Stumpf, and since their office – Michael Stumpf and Associates– in in Doylestown, they wanted to do something local. Something that involved large yellow circles and prison walls…

Aaron is having fun getting shots just to put in the blog, so he took this one of me lurking in the bushes with the video light…which is something I just like to do.

Now we get into our crazy weekend- including the turkey and the cow. Friday we had my niece and her family over to see the baby pictures we took. We fed them dinner then kicked them out so we could clean up before our bride meeting that night. Our poor family is really so neglected by us!
Then up and out for a wedding in Lancaster! It was a gorgeous day in an absolutely beautiful location- this place had so many places to shoot pictures that poor Keith and Michelle were drug around by us far longer than we intended- but they still had fun! They spend the night at The Fulton Steamboat Inn (which was so cool!) and the great ceremony location was the Landis Valley Museum. We don’t know who the turkey was, but everyone was calling him Larry by the end of the night.

And once they were blissfully wedded, we led them into a graveyard for pictures!! We don’t know why, but we’ve always wanted some cool ‘bride in a graveyard shots’- something symbolic about the passing of your old life and beginning your new married one, perhaps… Or maybe we’re just sick, morbid people- but either way we thought it would look cool and we knew Keith and Michelle would go for it! 🙂

And there’s Lovey!

The happy couple was enjoying the party but Aaron and I were itching to get some more shots at this awesome place, so we pulled our good friends Dann and Amy outside and used them! 🙂

Then their friends came, and we were looking all over for a pitch fork, but we settled for what looks like a gigantic old spatula, to get this shot.

Then Keith and Michelle wanted to join in on all the fun- this is one of my favorite group shots ever!! They called it a Family Feud pose. It almost looks like they’re in a mine shaft. This stuff is just so fun to do!!

Then we left and drove home, slept 5 hours and snuck out without waking the babysitter to head to our dance shoot. Aleia had taken a Mommy and Me class at Buckingham Dance Studio, and Miss Donna just happened to be looking for a photographer for the recital portraits, and voila! There we were!
I cannot yet show you adorable pictures of little girls in tutus, however, because we are still wading through the piles of envelopes and sorting out who has a model release and who does not! It was an exhausting and exhilarating day, filled with the pitter patter of tap shoes, smiling little girls….and their moms.
We are eternally grateful for all the people who helped us on this day- our first foray into the world of dance portraits! First to Donna and Herb, for giving us such a great opportunity!! And the teachers who were there to help pose the girls- Nikki, Shannon, Laura and Brenda. Although Aaron was getting pretty good at some of those poses himself by the end of the day, there’s no way we would have been able to do it without them. And last but so not least— Jessie and Sue!! Who just had NO IDEA what they were getting into that day when they said they’d help us out! Thank you all so much– we had a blast and we can’t wait to share some of the pictures!!

We’ve spoken with some of the Inner Beauty Contest winners, and will be setting up dates for their sessions soon, and we also have a couple that won us at a silent auction for Healthlink Medical Center (you didn’t know you could win us, did you??;). We’ll be doing their portrait as well as a wedding at the Pearl S Buck–I really, really hope it does not rain!! Paige is one of our favorite brides, and we want some great shots of her!

And if there is more going on I honestly cannot even remember it right now…

Have a great and happy weekend – and if you are counting down the days with me until our family goes to the beach -or with Donghan until he returns to China- 24 to go!!

Cheryl, Aaron, and all the little voices in and around their heads


  • Courtney Andrews

    May 20, 2010., 9:42 AM /

    I do so love reading your blog, but especially when you've recently been involved in shooting dance portraits. I hope that there is a picture of Aaron coming up with some dance poses for the next blog entry!

  • Britney

    May 20, 2010., 2:01 PM /

    Hello, I wanted to let you know that I am following you from MBC, "Under a 100 Followers" group. I am hoping when you get a chance you can follow me back at and Also, I wanted to know if you would be interested in doing a link exchange with my sites and yours. Please let me know. Also, it has been nice meeting you via the web. Thanks, Tracey

  • Aviva

    May 21, 2010., 8:24 AM /

    great blog! what a fun wedding to shoot. the shots of the actual party were so fantastic...looked like a magazine:-) can't wait to see the dancing girls!!

  • Dann

    May 21, 2010., 9:29 PM /

    WE MADE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is meaning to our lives now. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dann

  • Ben

    May 21, 2010., 9:30 PM /

    I love the Wurtz family shots and the Turkey lurking around Aaron... Classic!!!

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