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Dogs and daughters! More Men! And the NYC baby fashion world goes to Aleia’s head!





Bucks County Photography

Well I would start off by saying What a week! But you hear that all the time, so ….I’ll think of something else…something really new and witty…..

While I think of what that would be, I will tell you about the week!  (and incase you haven’t realized it yet, time over here in our home/studio runs a bit differently than time in the “real world”- -when I write to you of ‘the week” it may have been one week, it may have been two- you never really know just how long a span of time a week is for me….)

First we have the daughters and dogs!!  Mandy and her sister wanted to get some portraits of their dogs for their dad for Father’s Day, and they weren’t able to join us at Best Friends when we did the Spring Dog Session, so we went to them!  (I have been assured that dad will not see this blog ahead of time, so I am not spoiling the surprise) No one expected the feisty dogs to pose so well, but they did great! And the girls practically look like professional models just as they are, so it was just an all around easy session for us. I am still just jealous that Mandy got to work in Africa with monkeys….I have been waiting all my life to work with monkeys. I don’t know why I haven’t yet- I guess I just never come across any in Bucks County…if you see one please send it my way!

Next we have the newly married Paige & Paul Silva! I had totally psyched myself up that this was going to be a breeze of a day: it was at the Pearl S Buck which is a stone’s throw from our front door, it was with our most laid back couple ever, and it was being catered by James at DISH catering, who is one of our Open House buddies on Thursdays with Open Aire Affairs. Aaron warned me that my surety of a simple day was sure to mess us up. So… the weather –the one aspect of the day we have absolutely no control over– decided to mess with our heads.

The ceremony was to be outside on the beautiful grounds of the Pearl S Buck- we love to shoot here, it’s just lovely. And the storms predicted for the day were “supposed” to hold off until 7pm- plenty of time for ceremony and pictures. Weather cannot tell time, however, so it began to downpour about 3pm. All of the DJ equipment and etc that had been set up outside was quickly moved indoors for the backup location. We did some indoor formals. Then the rain subsided….so they dried off the chairs, took the DJ stuff back out, and we were on again for outside! As about 3/4 of the guests were seated, and immediately after I told Paige and her mom that it was getting brighter out –it poured again. Amazingly, Paige herself was completely okay with all of it- inside, outside- she didn’t freak once! Neither did any of the bridesmaids or moms. I wanted to freak because I wanted us to get great outdoor shots- but since no one else was I felt I should try to contain myself. And in the end it all worked out- the ceremony was outside, it did not rain again, we got fun outdoor shots, and then the dancing! And wow could this crowd DANCE!!

The beautiful flowers for the day are all by Robertson’s Flowers.

The next day we went to the men who won us! Joe and Tom were the highest bidders for Healthlink’s silent Auction, and they won a session with us (what a fantastic gift idea- the gift of Aaron and Cheryl- who could possibly ask for more??? 😉  We had so much fun with them that we stayed far too long- I don’t know if it was the fabulous company, the wine or the fantastic cheese, but we hung out there way later than we intended!

Joe and Tom have been together almost as long as Aaron and I – they met in 1999 and received their Civil Union in 2003, and they had yet to have professional portraits taken of them together. SO, us to the rescue! We did shots outdoors first – and here is where you really need to see video of just what we do to get our shots, because Lady the Dog is pretty much deaf, so in order to get her to look and perk her ears I was leaping back and forth and gesticulating wilding behind Aaron’s head the entire time. It seemed to work for the guys too so I may need to incorporate that into my normal routine…

A few days later our neighborhood was invaded by NYC people. Rosanna Wolf, NY children’s fashion photographer, was shooting a fall catalogue shoot for Petunia Pickelbottom baby gear, and had asked Aaron to scout out scenic Bucks County locations for them, and help out while they were here. Well, the evening before the shoot Aaron was leading them through our backyard (apparently a scenic part of Bucks County) and they saw Aleia. They loved Aleia! They asked if she could be in the shoot as well, and so a star is born. She followed directions so well, and she LOVED it- just today as we drove past the Stone Ridge Barn B& B on our street, where the shoot started, she said wistfully- the photo people are gone now. They won’t be taking any more pictures of me…**sigh***…

I guess it’s just not the same when Mommy and Daddy are taking the pictures, and there are no hairstylists, make up artists and gorgeous Lithuanian models to hold her…

Happy JUNE everyone!! Can you believe Summer is just about here!

Oohh– Speaking of summer- I almost forgot! I did (actually I am doing tomorrow but by the time this posts it will be yesterday) a workshop with one of my Chamber of Commerce friends, Karen DeHaven of AHA Studios, on Summer Fun on  a Dime! It seemed to stir quite a lot of interest for people, so I will include a link to the info we gathered for all of you:   We wanted to show parents that there are so many free and inexpensive ways to pass the time with your children in the summer, so we went through all of our books and gathered supplies and had parents each make some of the projects themselves. We  also compiled a great list of places to go and things to do in the area- lots of free ones you may not have heard of, and some you just needed to be reminded abut. And they aren’t all just for kids either – all of this is stuff I would want to do anyway… sometimes the kids are just cover. 😉


Love, Cheryl & Aaron


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    June 4, 2010., 7:50 AM /

    I love dogs and daughters!!! Great pictures!

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