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Four weddings and the coming of All Hallow’s Eve





Bucks County Photography

This is Halloween… this is Halloween…Halloween, HALLOWEEN!!

Just a little glimpse into my brain, that’s pretty much what it always chants this week, every year… 🙂 (For those who can’t quite place it- it’s from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.) But before I lose myself in the holiday, I will let you know what we’ve been doing lately!

So! Our last four weddings of the season were an amazing mix of styles and locations, but most importantly–really good weather!! Somehow the past two weeks of October were rainy much of the week but abundant with sunshine each weekend. (At least, it was good weather for our brides, which is all part of our completely unwritten promise when you choose us to share your wedding day with you! It may or may not have been a bit rainy over the heads of those who had other photographers… 😉

First in our Grande Finale line-up is Lauren and Ian!! We met Lauren about a year ago, spent time emailing her and her mom back and forth while they planned the day, did a very fun engagement shoot with them in Perkasie over the springtime, and finally the day of the wedding was upon us! You notice the passage of time most strongly when you watch children grow, I believe. We seem to stay just the same from year to year– or at least we like to convince ourselves that we do– while kids change so drastically from month to month. And in the time that we’ve known Lauren and Ian, their daughter Madelynn went from a tiny, months old baby to a little person dancing and partying at the wedding! Amazing. There were so many fun personal aspects to Lauren’s wedding– from her grandmother’s pearls to the change from dress shoes to bedazzled converse chucks that the bridesmiads surprised Ian and the groomsmen with. The reception at the Warrington Country club was beautiful, officated by our very own beloved Reverend Boone! He married Aaron and I over 8 years ago, AND he married our great friends Dann & Amy– so we have complete faith in his ability. 😉  The dancing was wild, the music was loud, and the party was fun! I think a great time was had by all!

I love this one!

And now for Courtney! I feel like I have been waiting for Courtney’s wedding day for Ever!! Aaron had met her at a Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce event over a year ago, and since then we have stayed in touch all the time: through facebook, emails and of course as my best blog reader ever!! 🙂 Her  brand new husband Tom is an avid photographer, who showed us some incredible shots he had taken of weddings where they had been guests, so we knew wanted to be on top of our game for this one!! Courtney looked fantastic in her gown and long veil, and Tom was so handsome in his dress blues! The Old Chapel at Central Moravian Church got a little flustered by us, they have some really strict rules for photographers, and the church women flapped a bit when Aaron sat in a pew to get his shots. But we treat the ceremony with utmost respect- that is your moment, it’s when you are truly being married, and we aren’t there to draw attention away from that just to get a good shot. We always check with your officiant to see what their own rules are, and we don’t mess with them! 🙂  We’re there just to capture your day, not to interject ourselves into it. Right across the street was the reception at The Hotel Bethlem. The ballroom was gorgeous, everyone was so happy and fun, but the night went far too quickly! I hope they are as happy with the images as we were to have worked with them! 🙂

This time he got pulled to the dance floor by a professional dancer!! Woo!

And onto the following weekend! October has really become one popular month for weddings! This was another special one to us, the groom is the son of an old friend from work (from back in the days when I used to have a real “job” instead of all this fun photography stuff!) I knew Shawn when he was a teenager, working on his Ford Fairlane (I’m going to say it’s a ’67, from the stacked headlights and 390 v-8, but my car guys can confirm or deny this for me) My 1967 Mustang was my daily driver back then, in my pre-childseat era, and I was always into cars, so I’d peek in to see what he was working on. And now, somehow, that kid in his parent’s garage is a grown man getting married, and the car is all done! Yikes! Again, I myself haven’t aged in all that time… 🙂   His bride, Sam, and he have been together pretty much all that time, too! She looked incredible, and she was so calm and happy. The colors and decorations she chose for her day were awesome, all dark browns and orange, lots of punpkins and mums, and despite the wind and a bit of a chill, it was a beautiful fall day! The people at Talamore Country Club, where both the ceremony & reception were held, were phenomenal- Victoria was there to get the girls anything they needed through out the day, all of the staff were great, and once more the day went splendidly! Another fun night of dancing, and for the first time ever I was actually picked up at a wedding we were working! And by picked up, I mean physically lifted pretty high into the air by a fairly well-inebriated and very tall guest…an event that went sadly uncaptured by my obviously inattentive husband! 😉 Bad Lovey!! …Too busy shooting the bride to notice his wife being carried away…

My friend Crystal, the proud mom!

I forgot to mention–the coolest cake ever!!

And for our Final Wedding, as far was we know, of 2010–we have Alison and Alex! Now, I could tell as soon as we met them that this was totally going to be my kind of wedding! They had an all vegetarian menu, with local and organic foods, all served on bamboo plates and silverware, and they were getting married in Bethlehem at The Burnside Plantation, which is now one of our favorite venues– so, so many perfect places to The shoot. And Karen, the co-ordintor there, was one of the most fun, efficient and easy to work with people this year. Alison’s dress was vintage, her veil was her great grandmothers from 1918, she and her bridesmaids and family did all the flowers and decorating, AND she made each of the cakes for dessert for the entire reception!! They wrote their vows and her Aunt Helen officiated, you can see she and Alex put an immense amount of thought into personalizing their day, and they did such a fantastic job. Their bridal party was also a great one– everyone was so fun and agreeable to everything. We got through formal pictures so quickly because they were just so easy to work with. And, of course, any wedding that ends with a fire dance is going to be cool!

In addition to all of those weddings, we had pumpkins to pick and hay wagons to ride, costumes to sew, school parties to organize and a big grown up party to plan! I was going to end with just a few pumpkin picking shots, but you have seen a lot of pictures today, so I will hold onto them for next time. But stay tuned for a whole lot of Halloween Recap to come next blog, along with some of the family portraits, baby sessions and Lights Camera Acting class headshots coming up!

Happy Halloween Everyone! May you all have a frightfully wicked weekend!! 😉

Love, Cheryl & Aaron, and their very own precious “killer rat” children (yes, that’s right, our kids chose to be killer rats for halloween… I just don’t know how they got to be so strange… 🙂


  • Courtney Kay!

    October 28, 2010., 6:05 AM /

    I'd be remiss if I didn't comment on the blog I'm featured in :). Despite the fact that we just got off the red eye from hawaii and our waiting in Chicago for 3 hours before we can fly the rest of the way home. But I digress.... We LOVE all of the photos and cannot wait to see the rest. The day was such a blur but you two were fabulous! I cannot imagine having had anyone else there. Thank you so much!!! And Aaron, you must keep a better eye on your wife, or someone just might steal her away for good. She obviously has a good eye on you -- she got a great shot of us dancing!!! Hope to see you soon!

    • Cheryl

      October 28, 2010., 6:39 AM /

      Thank you, Courtney!! I hope you and Tom had a wonderful honeymoon-- it sounded So cool!! :) We lived getting to spend your wedding day with you guys, I can't wait for you to see the rest of pictures! Welcome home, married woman!! ;) And don't forget -- if you are recovered from travel by Saturday we want to see you at our party!! Love, Cheryl

  • Pat Kenworthy

    October 28, 2010., 9:37 AM /

    I'm blown away by this first sampling of photos from Alex and Alison's wedding! FABULOUS! As Alex's Mom, I can't wait to see the rest of them! Hurry!

    • Cheryl

      October 29, 2010., 8:06 AM /

      Thanks Alex's Mom!! ;) They are coming--soon!! :)

  • Julie

    October 28, 2010., 9:43 AM /

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all of your pictures! I look forward to reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I sure wish that I had you guys take my wedding pictures back in a day!!!

  • Aviva

    October 28, 2010., 1:29 PM /

    Wow!! You guys have been working hard! Everything is beautiful and all of the couples had such gorgeous weather. Love you guys:-)

  • Elizabeth Tennett

    October 28, 2010., 2:10 PM /

    Aaron & Cheryl, I started to cry just looking at what you have on your blog and can only imagine how emotional I am going to be when we get to see all of Lauren and Ian's pictures. It was a beautiful day and cannot wait to see the rest. You guys are truly amazing and we are blessed to have had you as our photographers and share in Lauren and Ian's wedding day.

    • Cheryl

      October 29, 2010., 8:06 AM /

      Betty, thank you so much!! It was a great day, I am so happy we got to share it with you!!

  • Leah Grantham

    October 28, 2010., 2:51 PM /

    Aaron & Cheryl: All these pictures are great!! Of course, I'm partial to the ones taken at Burnside!! Thanks for working so hard, and doing such a great job!! Leah

    • Cheryl

      October 29, 2010., 8:04 AM /

      thanks Leah! We had so much fun with you and all those CA girls!! :)

  • Amy Sue

    October 29, 2010., 5:39 AM /

    I have just one word...TALAMAAAARRRR!!!!! LOL!!! But seriously, great pictures guys!!!

    • Cheryl

      October 29, 2010., 6:50 AM /

      Amy Sue-- we said that All Day!! Lol!! :)

  • Tasha Marschall

    October 29, 2010., 7:59 AM /

    These pictures of Lauren and Ian's wedding are amazing i cant wait to see the rest of them. you guys are awesome!

  • Karen Mesch

    May 13, 2011., 7:00 PM /

    Hi guys, I just read the bit written about Allison & Alex' wedding at Burnside Plantation and saw my name! Thank you for your kind words! The feeling is & Cheryl were a pleasure, and fun to work with!!! I reccomend both of you often. Karen Site Coordinator, Burnside Plantation

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