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Second Annual Inner Beauty Contest is Coming! Also- our coolest couple ever bears it all…. ;)





Bucks County Photography

It is Spring time again! I love spring!! I love watching the grass turn bright green again, and hearing the birds in the morning, and being able to actually feel the sunshine…! Ahhhh!!!

And I love planting all my flower babies into the garden- I have WAY too many flower beds and I tend to grow lovely lush weeds most of the time, but when I see the bulbs start poking up out of the ground I get so excited! And this year we are ambitiously planting our biggest garden ever- I think it’s like 15 feet by 20 feet, and I started some tomatoes and peppers inside, and later today hope to plant some peas with Aidan- I just LOVE this! Can I say it again?! LOVE IT!! 🙂

And it is during this season of beauty that we like to hold our annual Inner Beauty Contest. Last year’s was such a success, we met some of the most wonderful people, and we are so happy to now have them in our lives! I think they had a good time too… 🙂

The idea of an Inner Beauty Contest was Lovey’s idea. (with a nickname like Lovey, how can we expect any less?)  What we are looking for is a person who you feel makes the world around them a better place, and maybe even makes you feel a better person for knowing them. Someone whose goodness inside makes the world more beautiful. 

To nominate someone, you just need to write us and tell us about them ! Write Contest in the subject line, and send it to  

Want to know what they win?? Well I’ll tell you!! They win a free portrait session with us, and $500 worth of prints and products!! Yes, really!  😉

So start thinking, then get writing! I bet someone you know has already popped into your head… All entires must be entered between April 1 and April 30. When we decide the winner I’ll announce it in a special  Mother’s Day blog.

But wait, what’s in it for me, you ask? Well, other than the warm fuzzy feeling one gets when they do something good, you also win something.  The sender of the winning letter also gets a free portrait session with us!  Woo hoo!

To get you started, here is last year’s winning  nomination,sent in by Ruthann of Telford, Pa:

I nominate Teresa Godshall.  When I thought about a deserving person who shines even through the difficult times, I thought of Teresa.  She is bright and cheerful with a positive attitude.  She’s very generous and very excited about life.  She is a person who is a pleasure to be around and is an inspiration to me.
Teresa is married to my nephew, Michael.  They are the parents of 4 children.
Mike & Teresa’s first child, Skyler Chase, was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.  Skyler is confined to a wheel chair and celebrated his 13th birthday just a few days ago.   He rides the bus to public elementary school where the kids enjoy pushing him around in his wheelchair.  Mike & Teresa were blessed to be able to purchase a ranch home that was already handicapped accessible.  The wider doorways, shower and sidewalks through the back lawn easily accommodate Skyler’s wheelchair.  He loves to go to Costco, Wal Mart & the mall, likes pizza and usually asks to go to McDonald’s after church on Sundays.
Their second child, a daughter, Emma Kate is 8 years old and doing very well in second grade.  She helps around the house where she can.
Their son, Aidan Michael is 6 years old.  Aidan was born with microcephaly, which is the opposite of his older brother.  He is a very active boy who attends pre-school.  He has a neurological developmental disorder and receives early intervention services.  He is in need of a special school that will best fit him.
Most people would say that it would be enough to deal with having 2 children with special needs, but nothing seems to stop this couple from doing what they really want to do.
Mike & Teresa’s circle was not yet complete.  They wanted to adopt a little girl from China.  Not just any little girl, but one that had a special need of her own.  Miah Sheng Ling was almost 2 years old when Mike & Teresa spent 3 weeks in China to finalize her adoption.  Miah was born with a cleft lip and palate and will need several surgeries to correct.
Mike & Teresa are not complainers, but rather just the opposite.  Michael is the strong, silent type of father who has really stepped up to the plate. He is known to have taken the 2 boys on trips to the mountains just to have
time with his sons and to give Teresa a break.   He is a take charge kind of guy who works hard to do his part to take care of and provide for his family.
Michael & Teresa could really benefit from professional portraits because it is a cost they probably could not afford right now.  With constant medical expenses for the children and the recent purchase of a handicapped accessible van there are always necessities crying for first place.
Teresa is one special mother who loves her special family and it shows.

I think you can see why she seemed like a good choice for the winner, and after we met her in person we were even more convinced! Here are some of our favorite shots from Teresa’s session

But I am not done writing yet! 🙂  We also had an hysterically fun maternity session last week, with our favorite cool couple Joey & Lance. You may remember their engagement and wedding session from last year– well now onto the belly! And in a few weeks we’ll get to see the little guy in person! 


I have to say, and you have probably heard me say it before– Aaron & I totally love what we do, and we love the people we get to shoot.  But Joey & Lance are extra special to us because we have known them for so long- Joey is one of my niece’s closest friends and has been a part of our family for maybe 10 years now, and Lance has been there for at least  half of that. We always have a great time together, (especially when Lance makes us dinner!).

So we expected to have fun with them when they came last week for dinner, and then grab just a few shots in the studio after the kids went to bed. We did not expect to laugh hard enough to make actually shooting impossible! We were going for this serious, thoughtful, maybe even edgy look with Lance’s tattoos, but we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to make serious faces!!  But we got some good ones anyway. Joey really only wanted clothed shots for herself, but being a wonderful sport she let us get some of the ones we wanted too, which of course means everyone takes their shirts off! Well, okay, not all of us, just Lance and a  beautiful naked belly.






Sadly the bride whose engagement session we were going to shoot last Sunday was sick. Poor Lauren. 🙁  It was far too gorgeous a weekend to be sick! Hopefully she is on her way to getting better now! On the plus side,  with the trees and  flowers starting to bud now, the pictures will be even better when we do get to do them.

We had another birthday in our family! My great-nephew (that’s right, I am not just an Aunt, I am a Great Aunt!) turned 2 right before Lovey’s birthday! Very soon he will be a big brother- his baby sister is due in just weeks! We will get shots of the two of them together as soon as we can, and if I am REALLY lucky I may even get to take shots of the birth!! That would just be SO cool – to be able to actually capture the instant this new tiny person comes into the world!! 

And now my son is asking me to play with him, so I must go! There are peas to plant and bugs to poke, and dirt to dig!  Or, if you are like Aleia, many worms to find and  force to play baby until they dry up and stop moving….yeah, it’s really disturbing, but I guess no more so than asking her to find them and feed them to our turtle…

Enjoy your Spring, whatever way makes you happy!!  (just don’t come and take any worms from my yard, there’s not many left and I do need them!)


  • Courtney Andrews

    March 25, 2010., 10:37 AM /

    Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for the blog and happy spring!

  • Aviva

    March 25, 2010., 9:12 PM /

    You are fabulous Cheryl!

  • ShowMeMama

    April 3, 2010., 9:57 PM /

    You have beautiful blog. I'm your new follower as well. Come by when you can.

  • Ray Beiler

    April 11, 2010., 7:46 PM /

    I vote for Susie Beiler for great inner person and beauty.

  • Jason Wood

    April 22, 2010., 9:34 AM /

    I second Ray's vote.

    • Cheryl

      April 22, 2010., 10:04 AM /

      Wow Susie- you are one well loved person! Cheryl :)

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