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SO that’s enough snow…





Bucks County Photography

Really, we love snow here! Aaron and I get as giddy and excited as kids when it first comes, and you should hear my sister when she sees it! 🙂 I loved it, and spending so much cozy time trapped together, playing with our neighbors, not doing any work- it was wonderful! But – I am done now. Thank you. Please make it stop.

Not that it wasn’t a great time- it was! Mr Ron came with his huge tractor and plowed out our driveway, for which we give him our undying gratitude. Then he brought out his snowmobiles!! Woo hoo !We even got Donghan on them! It was a blast! Aleia, of course, found them “a little too noisy…”
Then Ron and his wife Dawn had us all over for a Superbowl party and great food- do you see why we love our neighbors?? It was a great weekend, that first snowfall!

The second one, a bit less thrilling- the weekend one worked well into my schedule, but a snowstorm on a Wednesday is interfering with the finely tuned routine we have going on here! All the kids were home, they were quickly done playing with it, so it became Cleaning Day! No one enjoyed that except me, I think…

Then came the blizzard, now this is just getting crazy! But with the blizzard came another long weekend, and more neighbors to party with! More blood to spill!

We love Todd & Janna! (wait- go back- what’s that about the blood, you ask? Oh, I will get to it…)
They live at the end of our street and they provide us with music, laughter, and good cheer on these cold winter nights! 🙂 Plus our children and theirs love playing together so it’s like a big play date for all of us. This night’s festivities included Nighttime Olympic Sledding! Todd had carved a luge run (is that redundant? Does “luge” mean run? Hmmm…) and caves into their snowy yard, and Janna set flags all around, there was music and spotlights—it was so awesome! Pictures do not do it justice, even ours! Aidan and Claire snowboarded for the first time and both did amazingly well! Aleia enjoyed being pulled around on the sled–she’s all for speed as long as she doesn’t have to get herself up the hill. Just like her Mama!

Which brings us back to the blood. I like to go fast. All I wanted was one more FAST run down the hill. Everyone had gone inside but Todd, his brother and I. I had the sled–it was a long black plastic toboggan–I held it to my chest, and I ran for the hill with all the might my short little legs can muster. As I flung myself belly down onto the track, I heard a sickening noise. It was the sound of my teeth going though the flesh of my lower lip. Suddenly there was a lot of blood, and thus the party was over. All for the want of one more fast run!

So now children, when you see me and want to turn away in horror from my gruesome lip, please remember- always sled Feet First!

If it is not yet apparent from this week’s blog- not much was shot last week! 🙂
But this week has been filled with brides to meet with, another fun Open House with Larry at the Pearl S Buck, and in a few more days Aviva’s baby girl’s photographic debut! And I think there is another fun model shoot going on this Sunday.

I also got to have coffee with Pam Carroll, of Carroll Consulting Group -a leading Philadelphia area PR and Marketing agency. It was fun to just hang out with her and chat about our blogs- hers is –so everyone head over there and check it out!
… And if only I can think of a way for her to get us on tv, you know I am so there! 😉

And next week we head for GA, to PPA’s Studio Management Seminar, which I am so psyched about. And we get to visit with our Kellings!

Enjoy the snow day pictures, and here are some from the Chinese New Year parade in Philly’s Chinatown on Valentine’s Day. It was a lot of fun! Or, as Aleia put it – “it was good…. a little loud…”

And although it will be past by the time this is posted, Happy Birthday to my Mom!! You are the best, Mom! Love you!

Happy Year of the Tiger to all!!
…And always sled feet first!


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