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The plague is upon us!





Bucks County Photography

Oh nooo! I I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice this week! I’m late, I’m late- (..and I also think I may be shrinking…) I should have had this all written already and now here I am, 2 pm on a Wednesday, just about able to sit up and keep food down after some horrible plague was cast upon our house, trying to scramble for some wit so this can go out tomorrow morning. The sick are not witty!

I think I will keep this week’s blog as simple as possible, if only so I can go lay back down… πŸ˜‰

We were really overcome by the amount of work that came in around Christmas time. Here we were thinking it would be a slow time and we would revamp and revise, update our website and start to implement some of our newest ideas- but we were just too busy! How wonderful! πŸ™‚

But we’ve also had the sad new job in 2010 of turning down brides that we would have loved to work with, because we were already booked. It is nice to be so wanted, but it is hard to tell someone you just can’t be there!

Alas, we go on! We’re learning even more, in our ceaseless desire to know it all- we’re very excited about a PPA seminar in February, and lots of cool events from Network Now, of which I have just recently become a member- Jamie has a full calendar of amazing events to attend- so we will be chock full of studio and business education this year!

And now onto some pictures!

Our last family portrait of 2009 goes to Ivy’s Family!

And then came our first maternity session of 2010! We had the distinct pleasure of being chosen by Aviva and Sam to do their preggo pics! If you do not yet know Aviva, and you live anywhere near us, you soon will! She is pretty much like Doylestown’s own goodwill ambassador, and she is everywhere, even 4 weeks before she is due! I wish I had had her energy when I was 18, let alone now… She is a fantastic acting class teacher to both me and Aidan, (check out– Aleia just can’t wait until she is 3 so she can join in too) she has been invaluable in showing me the ropes for all of these networking events, and now she has become a good friend whose little girl I just cannot wait to meet! πŸ™‚

We knew with her acting background that we would be able to have some fun and play around for this particular maternity session, and in addition to our traditional shots were got some that were just hilarious. It certainly doesn’t hurt our work that Aviva is absolutely adorable, with flawless skin and a beautiful smile, she’s so naturally photogenic that she just takes great pictures! Between that and Sam’s gorgeous blue eyes, this baby is going to be a knock-out!

One of my favorites is the one I took of Aaron shooting the session, and since Aviva knew he was focused only on the belly, her face was totally relaxed and unposed– and I think she looks just like a fashion model.


Coming up we have a bunch of Open Houses to attend, a family portrait session this weekend, and more maternity sessions on their way- you have to wait until the bellies are just ripe enough before you take them! πŸ˜‰ Ooh–and hopefully some really tiny baby newborn shots, if we can only work the timing right!

Have a great week everyone- and if you are feeling well, appreciate it! πŸ™‚


  • Courtney

    January 21, 2010., 12:16 PM /

    feel better soon!

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    January 21, 2010., 1:31 PM /

    "Sick House" !!!!!!! Your pictures are great as usual :) Hope you all are better......

  • silk duvet covers

    January 22, 2010., 4:05 PM /

    Hi there. my husband told me about your site a couple weeks ago. and I really love it. I will be back! Thanks!

  • mymiracles77

    January 22, 2010., 8:47 PM /

    Love the shots! Especially the belly one with the 'hands-heart.'

  • TheCrunchyWife

    January 29, 2010., 12:18 AM /

    Aww love these!! I'm following you from MBC FFF, that would be awesome if you could stop by my blog when you get a chance :) Jenny :)

  • SimplyStacie

    February 1, 2010., 9:27 AM /

    Following you from FFF on the MBC.

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