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What am I today??

Today is my Blog Writing day. That means today I get to work while Aaron juggles the monkeys–um, tends to the kids. I look forward to this day, it is on the calendar and it means I get a few hours to go though the last week’s pictures, pick my favorites, and write what I hope is witty commentary about the sessions. However, some part of me must feel some guilt in my pleasure, because each week (and I really do mean EVERY week) Aaron leaves in the morning with the kids, usually to the grocery store, and says   “I don’t know how long we’ll be gone, it may only be an hour.” That is what he Says, what I Hear is ” what you are doing is of very little import to me, so I will be bringing the children back for you to tend to shortly. Better hurry.”

Now, we have had children for 7 of the 13 years we have been together, and from the very beginning Aaron has always done his fair share of raising them- more than many daddies, really. And yet each week I feel as if I need to rush through my work because I am supposed to go back to playing with, feeding, bathing, and talking to them. Not that I want to do this, really- I want a few quiet hours to listen to my sappy 70’s music while I write. So I get snitty, then he gets annoyed. One would think we could break this weekly habit, but so far we haven’t- despite the fact that each week it always ends with me explaining why I got snitty and him explaining that he’s just saying when they’ll be home.  So I am really beginning to think this one might be all me….

But really- who am I today? And when did I start enjoying so much  this thing called a job?!   Am I Cheryl of Aaron Mitchell Photography? Am I Aleia’s Mama? Aidan’s Mommy? Am I Aaron’s lovey? And where did Cheryl Quinn go?? I use to think she was pretty darn cool! And so relaxed and happy, and also thinner….

Who are you today?  Are you dressed nicely at work being professional you, or are you Mommy or Daddy, catching a few quick minutes on the computer while the kids are napping or eating lunch? Does anyone out there know how to be all of it the same time, and can they tell me how??

But really, I am sure you are not here to listen to my internal rantings, so onto the pictures now!! 🙂 This week we have a baby named Romeo, a fun couple with many tiny toads, and some headless people hanging out in Newtown. Sound interesting?? 😉

Let’s start with Romeo- he is the new baby boy of Joey and Lance, who by now you should know pretty well! We did their engagement, wedding, and maternity sessions, plus we have known them for years (and they used to be our favorite baby sitters until they went and got married. 😉 Poor Romeo was not loving his photo shoot- it was late in the day and it was hot, and while he was intrigued by the big camera (just like Daddy!) and all smiley at first, he soon had enough. And sadly we had to leave for another session just after he fell alseep! 🙁  His serious little face is just so expressive though, that I think he totally worked it!

Our fun couple was Joanne and Bret, who we were introduced to by Nerice of Busy Bee Toys in Doylestown. I have mentioned her store before, but will again because it is just the best place ever! We go there just to hang out and play with all the toys that she has out, and all of my friends know that if they go there and ask Nerice what Aidan or Aleia would like for their birthdays, she will know! That’s what I love most- not just that the toys are the kind I want  most for my kids- lots of natural, safe, high quality and usually educational things, but that it is really a shop, like the old fashioned shops where the owners actually knew you and your families. But this is not about Busy Bee! It is about Joanne and Bret!
We had such a good time with them that it was 10 at night and we were still hanging out talking. Their wedding will be in October so we wanted to get some summer engagement shots for their guest book (all of our engagement sessions come with this awesome guest book that is actually an album of their session with space for the guests to write things to them). We started in their backyard, which is actually a beautiful piece of land in Easton, and then went to a few of their favorite places. The little rocky beach near the lock was my favorite- as we were climbing down to it Aaron spied a tiny toad, and then 3 more. As we walked we watched the ground ripple and hop in front of our feet and realized- there were thousands of tiny toads!! And I mean tiny- smaller than my thumbnail! They were so cute- we love toads! At our house we have a giant toad named Mike who makes occasional nightly appearances on our back porch, much to our (okay, mainly my) delight. We did not get a shot of of Joanne and Bret actually with the toads, but we did get these:

Now, I bet you are really curious about the headless people in Newtown! Not only were they headless, they had no limbs either! Wait until you see them…

I really liked this one, with the lady in red leaning against the lamp post in the background.

These are Sherri Dougherty’s hangar people, from her boutique Angel Hearts, in Newtown. We had done some shots of her ladies hanging out in Tyler Park wearing summer clothes for an earlier ad, and believe it or not it is time for fall clothes already, at least in the retail world.

And at the end of the week was Aleia’s birthday! We had a tea party, with lots of tulle, rose petals, tea sandwiches and petite fours. All the other 3 year olds were very impressed. 😉 Sadly there are hardly any pictures! We should have hired a professional photographer… But here she is, blowing out the candles: our baby girl, now so big!

A few days later Lovey and I celebrated our 8th year of marriage! 🙂 Wow. Here is what we looked like that long ago, come reminisce with us….

Our friend Mitch from Tanner Lane Wedding Videos took our original VHS video and made us this montage- how cool is that?! It seems that most people would rather watch this version than the original hour and a half one, but if you are interested, come by! We love watching it! We may watch it tonight! 🙂

Enjoy the heat, stay cool, eat squash! And be whoever you want to be today! 😉


Cheryl & Aaron, and their ever growing offspring and pets


  • Cara Carlson

    July 22, 2010., 9:09 AM /

    I love reading your blog! It is actually really hard work coming up with witty banter to blog about so don't let Aaron rush you. :)

  • Betti-Lou

    July 22, 2010., 8:35 PM /

    The next time you wonder who you are remember you will always be my sister!! I think you are still pretty cool and I think you look pretty good.

    • Cheryl

      July 22, 2010., 9:01 PM /

      Thanks, Betti-Lou! :)

  • Chris McColgan

    July 22, 2010., 10:40 PM /

    Cheryl,Today is the first time I read an entry in your blog and I loved it! I really identified with your remark about being torn between spending time with the kids and spending time on yourself. You put your need to be you and only you for a snippet of time, in such a guilt free manner and I really identified with it because I feel that way on a regular basis. (My husband Ken and I have 2 kids, our son is 7.5 y/o and our daughter is 4 y/o, she recently had a tea party birthday, too!)I enjoy the pictures that you and Aaron share (perhaps I should add here that I know Aaron from high school.) Of this week's photos I really loved the one of the baby's feet as he sat in his momma's hands and the one of the engaged couple in the swing chairs was a particular favorite. The one of your daughter blowing out the candles on her cake was great, too! She's beautiful, BTW.Keep writing the great blog entries! I can't wait to read more!Chris

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