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Bring it on 2011!!





Bucks County Photography

Happy New Year!!! It’s 2011– does that even sound real?? Aren’t we supposed to be driving little flying Jetson’s cars by now? Where’s my robot house keeper?

I hope everyone had a Wonderful holiday time! Things were festive as usual around here, as a matter of fact have no I studio sessions to share with you. Aaron and I managed to truly take time off, and spent much of the holidays reveling. I do enjoy a good revel! 😉

We had two sessions this week, but they are as yet unedited, so instead of beautifully captured portraits this week, you get a glimpse into our excitingly merry life!

We started off December with a traditional Girl’s Night Out, which a group of us try to do each month. This one, however, was slightly less traditional in that Lovey joined us! Aaron is really an amazing guy, who fits in well and is welcome wherever he goes– so rather than being disturbed by his male presence–we girl’s loved it! 🙂 And so did he, he had a virtual Charlie’s Angels of women around him!

Then came the holiday parties! Aleia’s preschool party was adorable, we made a gingerbread house together and while they were all singing Santa made a surprise appearance. I thought Lei-Lei would freak out because she had been pretty adamant about avoiding Santa thus far, but she was the first to raise her chubby little arm and volunteer to sit on his lap! Although once there she did look pretty nervous….but I guess she really wanted that ladybug pillow pet so she did what she felt she had to do! 😉

Aidan’s party was fun, we made bird feeders (…and they shouldn’t be too toxic for the birds, I hope…no really, they were fine! No birds were actually harmed in the writing of this blog…) and played games and then they all sang– it was so cute, and Aidan has continued to sing whenever he thinks we can’t hear him. His teacher, Miss Wright, is so fun and we are all SO glad that she is staying with the class for the rest of the school year!! YAY!!! 🙂

Christmas was extra fun this year, as Aleia began to really understand what would be happening and eagerly soaked up any info Big Brother had to offer on any topic regarding Santa, elves, or reindeer. She and Aidan had many whispered conversations with Elfonso, our Elf on the Shelf, with hopes that the message would get back to Santa. I guess he heard, judging by the Very Star Wars Lego Christmas of 2010.

And then came New Year’s Eve!  We used to go all out for New Year’s, midnight cruises and fireworks, gowns and noise makers, I LOVE throwing or going to parties, especially when we get to dress up. But since we had the kids, the holiday had sort of fallen off our radar, and the past few years I have been asleep long before midnight. But not now! We discovered last year that our neighbors Todd & Janna also usually stayed home for New Year’s–and nothing is nicer than strolling down the road with your kids in their jammies to hang out with some good friends, some games, and ring in the New Year running around the house banging pots and pans! This year they strolled up to us, and we invited Sue & Jeff next door to join us. The kids partied in the basement, playing wii, watching movies and trying to see how many pieces potato chips can be smashed into. We grown ups stayed upstairs, playing games from our college days…I think we may have been a lot better at them back then!

So there in a nutshell is the end of the Aaron Mitchell Photography family’s year!!  If it looks like we always have a good time around here, well it’s pretty much true!! We’re so lucky to have all we have, to do what we do, and to be able to share it with family and friends who mean so much to us. I mean, it may not ALWAYS be sunshine and roses. 😉 Occasionally optimism may flag, tempers may flare, days may get too long or even worse too short. But overall it really is A Wonderful Life! 🙂

Here’s to an amazing New Year: may you do everything you ever hoped you would do!

Find satisfaction in your work, and delight in your day.

Share smiles with strangers, love with family, and warm hugs with good friends!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2011 is gonna ROCK! 🙂

Love, with giddy optimism for the best year ever,

Cheryl, Aaron, Aidan and Aleia


  • Janna

    January 6, 2011., 10:12 AM /

    We had a great time ringing in 2011 with you guys...great neighbors, even better friends! Hey, when you get your robot housekeeper, send her to me when your done! Love ya!!!

    • Cheryl

      January 9, 2011., 8:55 PM /

      I will happily send my robot housekeeper rolling down to your place as soon as she gets here, Janna!! :) We love so much having you guys as friends & neighbors--here's to even more fun times together!!

  • Stacey

    January 6, 2011., 10:34 AM /

    Awesome entry!!! Looks like you had a great holiday season - so glad you got some time off to enjoy. Aaron is one lucky man to have a night surrounded by such beauties! And kudos to your daughter for having the bravery to sit on Santa's lap - my nieces wouldn't go near him. Best wishes for a fun and blessed 2011!

    • Cheryl

      January 9, 2011., 8:53 PM /

      Thanks Stacey! Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you too!! Aaron IS so lucky, isn't he?? :)

  • Courtney Kay

    January 6, 2011., 11:27 AM /

    Thanks for the lovely witty blog as always. (And please do not remove me from receiving it!!) Glad to see that you had a wonderful holiday season. Though I have it on good authority that you worked at least a little... Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!!!!

    • Cheryl

      January 9, 2011., 8:50 PM /

      Hello my favorite reader!! Thank you! Happy Married New Year to you & Tom!!!

  • Aviva

    January 6, 2011., 1:03 PM /

    I love the picture of you two!! You both look fabulous:-)

    • Cheryl

      January 9, 2011., 8:49 PM /

      Love you Aviva!!! :)

  • Heidi

    January 6, 2011., 9:18 PM /

    Love the post and the pictures! So thankful to have shared 2010 with your family. Looking forward to a fabulous 2011!! xo

    • Cheryl

      January 9, 2011., 8:49 PM /

      Thanks Heidi!! We are glad we have you in our lives to keep us so well-adjusted! ;)

  • Tiana

    January 7, 2011., 4:30 PM /

    Love the pics and blog! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.. praying for no snow!

    • Cheryl

      January 9, 2011., 8:48 PM /

      Thanks Tiana!! Don't worry- we'll be there snow or no!!! :)

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