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Chilly nights, crazy days, and bare-bottomed witches





Bucks County Photography

Yes, that’s right, the nights are getting brisk around here! Hopefully the days of chilly rain have passed, for a least awhile! I hear rumors of sunshine…

What? Oh, it’s the naked witches you are curious about? Well, it’s actually only one witch, and she’s very small. Quite frankly I am not convinced she’s a real witch at all… but we’ll get to that…

SO, things are busy, as usual for this time of year. But I have decided that we all think we’re busy. Everyone is busy with something, even kids seem to be busy now. When did being busy become the equivalent of being cool? Or important, or needed? I don’t know, but I know I don’t want to be so needed, important or cool for awhile. I want to stop worrying incessantly over things I can, can’t or should be trying to control. I feel like one of those crazy blowy inflatable people who wave their arms around in a so amusingly unproductive fashion. Watching them makes really me very happy, but I don’t want to feel like one. I want to relax, breathe in the fresh autumn air and walk thru some crunchy colorful leaves under a blue sky, thinking about nothing of any significance….

And I have decided I will not be too busy to do that! Someday I will learn to manage my time and priorities better, and everything will always get done when it needs to be. Someday. Until then, there’s life to be living, kids getting too big too fast, and time flying by. I’m starting to worry that the people in our lives have heard how busy we are so often that they feel like they are less important to us than they really are. And that’s just not good! So I need to start making time for the people and things  in our life that are important– important in the grande scheme of things way, not important for this minute.

Now if only someone can teach me how…someone who isn’t too busy… 😉

But how about some wedding photos? Because no one is ever too busy to look at wonderful and happy wedding portraits! Especially a wedding such as this, with so very many personal details and so much thought put into it! Megan, our bride, even made her gown herself. She not only made her wedding gown, she made her mom’s gown too!


The flowers in the bouquet are not flowers at all- they are actually cut paper! Can you believe that! Look closely- it still may be hard to tell,,,



Apparently TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) was also in Bethlehem that weekend, and Megan and her family happen to be big fans, and we were all excited enough by the TAPS van parked outside the hotel, but when one of the investigators walked through the lobby during photos, we had to grab her for one!


The cutest, calmest little ring bearers ever!




No crazy antics in church, silly groomsmen! 😉


Megan’s veil was from her mom’s wedding- all 12 feet of it



The beautiful Burnside Plantation has so many picture perfect places to pose! 🙂







Michael’s dad Tony was the hit of the party!



Cupcake cake!


We love those dance filled Italian weddings!



Okay, this picture has an entire story involving a game in which you have to end with monkey…and that’s about all I understood of what Lovey was trying to tell me- but I love the picture!


Now it is time for the witch! THE WITCH!! Actually her name is Kylie and I don’t think she’s really very witchy. Here’s just a sneak peek at a few pictures from her 10 month old portrait session, with and without her adorable halloween costume on!





We also have some more professional head shots from that mysterious, not to be named company whose employees we had shot a few months ago…  I mean took pictures of… I can’t tell you any more…but if you see these people, do not ask them what they do!!





Some recent commercial work Aaron and I did for ParleeStumpf, for Doylestown based SICOM, who makes the kiosks, monitors and other apparatus that allow you to place your order at places like Burger King! For some reason I can never remember the actual names of the equipment, so I call this the register thingy.





And I want to end this blog with some monkeys! I love monkeys! Every time one of our brides goes on her honeymoon, I ask her to bring me a monkey. When Kaitlin and Jay came home they sent me monkeys! And when Sarah and Jeremy came home, they brought me a rare Hawaiian monkey, complete with banana surfboard! I think more monkeys should surf… the world needs more surfing monkeys…SO here they are- my collection of bridal monkeys! 🙂 Thank you, Kaitlin and Sarah!!





Oh Darn! The Hawaiian monkey is not downloaded yet! 🙁

That’s okay, I will save him for next blog- a monkey in every blog! YAY!

Happy October to all!

Love, Cheryl, Aaron and their own almost hairless monkeys


  • Courtney Kay

    October 6, 2011., 10:27 AM /

    Fabulous blog as always. I, too, have the urge to do some leaf crunching, apple picking, fall-like items. I believe the key is to schedule the fun things. Writing it down (or typing it in) on your calendar. So from 3-4 pm tomorrow... leaf crunching :) Thanks for the wonderful photos. I particularly like the witch's costume.

  • Aviva

    October 6, 2011., 10:40 AM /

    That baby is gorgeous! You guys rock:)

  • Sarah

    October 6, 2011., 10:56 AM /

    I want more monkeys!!!

  • Daurelle

    October 6, 2011., 11:38 AM /

    You sure stirred up some childhood memories for me, Cheryl, like shuffling through crunchy leaves and flopping onto a big fat pile of them. How about finding those perfect fallen oak and maple leaves and pressing them between sheets of waxed paper ~ am I dating myself talking about waxed paper?? But mostly, I love the early morning misty sunrises and the late afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees. All time worth taking to do, see and feel.

  • joey

    October 6, 2011., 9:25 PM /

    Who's that little "BOO" dog in the beginning? He's adorable!!!!! :)

  • Kelly

    October 16, 2011., 9:55 PM /

    I may be partial to my best friend Megan...but I'm 100% certain she's the most gorgeous bride you have ever or will ever take pictures of :)

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