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Happy Birthday to Aidan! And of course, actual photography stuff…





Bucks County Photography

On this date, a mere 8 long years ago, our amazing, beautiful, brilliant and funny tiny baby boy was born. At that point we only knew he was amazing and beautiful, but his brilliance and humor didn’t take long to shine though! 🙂 It’s so hard to believe so much time has passed since that day- those days when he was so tiny and precious- and so very unhappy to be out in the world that he screamed nonstop, preventing us or anyone on our street from sleeping  though the night for about 12 months… But when he was happy, he was so very, very happy! Tiny little hands going to his mouth with squeals of excitement… kind of like his mom! 😉 Here he is, eight years ago- our baby Aidan:

If you happen to still have a tiny baby, and can’t understand why people keep telling you ‘it goes so fast’ when all you hope for is perhaps a little sleep and an uninterrupted meal and it doesn’t feel like it’s going fast at all- pause just a minute. Close your eyes and hold that tiny person and breathe them in, and enjoy that moment. Because it really will go fast.


And now back to our regularly scheduled blog of photography!

We had a very fun family portrait session at Central Park in Doylestown, at Kid’s Castle. 8 kids, 4 of them 2 years old, and many many parents- and we actually got a picture with all of them looking, and no one crying! YAY! Here are just a few from the day:







We now go from an idyllic family day in the park to a night of debauchery! My friend Sarah is getting married in mere weeks, and I couldn’t make it to her bachelorette party so of course I insisted she have another! We had a lovely night out on the town with her friends, safely protected and chauffeured by my incredibly awesome husband, who looked so hot in his chauffeur’s hat! When you have people our age partaking in your bachelorette party, however, there are a few things you may have to sacrifice. For example, instead of a limo, you get the decked out Ford Explorer (at least we removed the car seats!)


Also, silly games must be played!


Our wonderful chauffeur and bodyguard–also dances!


And a fun night was had by all! 🙂


By Monday morning we were once again bright eyed and bushy tailed, warming in the early morning sunshine in the middle of a meadow. Chanin Milnazik of Brown Dog Design asked us to take some photos of the meadow designed by David Hughes of Weather Wood Design. David is such a sweet guy- Aaron and I had a great time working with him, and Chanin is always great to work with, very hands on and involved in each of her projects.


In this photo, David is overseeing the meadow he created, as it relates to the overall property.


Change the lighting effects just a little however, and one could imagine this as a scene from a stalker horror movie….

If one is just a little twisted, that is… 😉

David was not eager to be the focus of his photos, wanting mainly to showcase the meadow itself. Of course, who can help but dance and sing while playing in a meadow with us! 😉 (oh how our clients love the outtakes that make it to the blog!)


He was wonderful to talk to and so knowledgable, I hope we will work with him again! …I think we need a meadow at our house…

We were thrilled to find out that Hatboro Federal won the regional Community Service Award of PA Association of Community Bankers, and they used our photo of Joe Tryon with the Robot! (not the one where he pretended to get zapped by the robot, sadly, but the other one. Congratulations Joe & Hat Fed!!

Amazingly that is all of the photos I have to share with you this week, we’ve been running around from meeting to bride to event and yet have nothing else to actually show you for now! How sad.

However, if you come out to Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting next Friday the 19th, we’ll be on the rooftop for the Sizzling Salsa Dance party! You know you don’t want to miss that! You may even get a chance to meet my sister! And one lucky participant can win a dance with one of us- me, Aaron, or my sister- you pick! 🙂 Plus lots of local vendors, tacos, and beer. What more do you need??

You can also win Aaron and I this Monday August 15, at the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Outing at Spring Mill Country Club. That’s right, they’re auctioning us off! Well, actually it’s a portrait session with us… But lots of fun either way!

Stay tuned for photos from all this, plus Aidan’s birthday, more entertaining product sessions, more weddings, and goodness know what else! One never knows what we might photograph around here next!

Love, Cheryl, Aaron, Their Amazing 8 year old, and his little sister


  • Chris Webb

    August 11, 2011., 9:34 AM /

    Happiest of birthdays to Aiden!!! Beautiful work as always, Aaron and Cheryl! You are both so incredibly talented.

  • Courtney Kay

    August 11, 2011., 9:46 AM /

    First of all, Aidan was such an adorable baby! What a fantastic photo! Also, I love the mowhawks... Are those all from the same family?? Poor mom! If you're being auctioned off, will we see you there?

  • Heidi

    August 11, 2011., 3:41 PM /

    Happy Birthday Aiden!

  • Aviva

    August 13, 2011., 7:01 AM /

    Aidan is all grown up!! Hope he had a great birthday:)

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