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Inner Beauty Contest winner!





Bucks County Photography

Happy 5th of July! Wait, that doesn’t sound right… ūüôā

I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday weekend as we all did here! Such a fun filled weekend- so many friends, family, and FOOD! ūüôā

Before we announce the winner of this year’s Inner Beauty Contest, I wanted to share some pictures from the previous years winners.

Our winner for 2009 was Teresa and her family, and they were such a pleasure to be around, and to have introduced into our lives:






Our winner for 2010 was Ellen Lindeman, and we had such a fun time taking portraits of her family! Another person we are so happy to know now!






And now it is time for the 2011 Inner Beauty Contest Winner!!

Here is the letter that won, send in by Angelique Rilling:

Last year I had full intentions of sending my nomination but for
some reason I never did! I will not let this opportunity pass by again! 
years ago my family and I moved to the Doylestown Commons in
Doylestown. We were unsure how our neighbors being in such close
proximity would take to two young children and our crazy dog! To our
surprise we moved next door to an angel! She immediately left us a
welcoming note and gift when we moved in and since then we have become
best of friends. 
Ms. Cita Jacobs immediately made us feel welcomed
and has said many times that my girls, Ceara and Mackenzie are like her
own grandchildren. She is about to celebrate her 82 birthday but don’t
let her wise years fool you! She is a busy young lady! She would
frequently make us some wonderful homemade applesauce, baked goods,
soups and the best was when she would get fresh berries from the farmers
market delivered to her door and we would enjoy her fresh made jam! For
thanksgiving it was homemade cranberry sauce! She was always leaving my
girls crafts that she had made, wonderful snacks, plants for our home,
and even treats for our dog. Her daughter took a trip to Florida last
year and Ms Cita asked her to bring a gift home for my girls. They
each received an adorable fox puppet that they play with and cherish.
She always made each Holiday festive at the Doylestown Commons. In the
door area of our apartment, an area shared by us, Ms Cita and two fellow
neighbors Bill and Chris, she would hang decorative wreaths on each of
our doors and flag decorations on the walls. She was more of a mom to us
all. It was always uplifting to come home to a surprise of decorations
to get us all into the spirit.When we built our huge snowman two years
ago she took pictures and sent them to us and even the Doylestown
Commons management to share the fun with all our neighbors. 
She used to live on a farm in her younger days and
has complete respect and gratitude for our local farmers. You may see
her at the Doylestown Farmer’s Market supporting our local farmers. She
keeps herself busy by helping her friends clean their homes and is an
active member of the Central Bucks Senior Center. She has maintained the
gardens at the Senior Center for many years and last year handed off
the job to someone else, but she loves to be active and you may drive by
to see her watering the plants and giving them to same love to gives to
everyone she meets. When we moved into our condo there was not much to
the garden outside our patio. One afternoon we came home to a few garden
pots full of flowers planted by Ms. Cita! She takes the yoga class at
the senior center every Thursday morning, one of the many activities
including knitting and quilting. She recently won the Honorable Mention
in the traditional category at Peddler’s Village 24th annual Quilt
Competition this spring!
Thank you 

Angelique, Dennis, Ceara, Mackenzie and Steel Riling 

A few days later we recieved another email from Angelique:

I just have to add one more thing to my nomination for Ms. Cita. 

is Dennis and my 5 year wedding anniversary.  I would never expect
anyone to remember, except for Dennis! But today in our mailbox
we¬†received¬†a loving card wishing us a happy anniversary. It wasn’t from
our parents or siblings, it was from Ms. Cita. She is so thoughtful of
every celebration that she acknowledges them by sending each of us a
card. She does this for each celebration in our family and and I am sure
she does it for everyone else in her life as well. There is something
about going to the mailbox and getting something completely unexpected
from a friend.Knowing that Ms. Cita took the time to get a card for us
and send it to us makes those special deliveries even more special. She
truly is the ideal candidate for your celebration of inner beauty! 

Ok that will be the last you hear from me, unless Ms
Cita does something else oh so wonderful for our family that I just
have to tell you about! 
Angelique and Family 

Congratulations to Ms. Cita!! Aaron and I can’t wait to meet her and her family! And a big thank you to Angelique for writing such a heartfelt nomination for her.

We have lots to show you of our latest sessions, but rather than inundate your inbox with stuff from us, I will tell you all about them next week. ūüôā

Have a summery, sunshine filled week!

Love, Cheryl, Aaron and the two fabulous yellow roman candles that explode across our sky


  • Angelique

    July 5, 2011., 7:55 AM /

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! We are so excited to visit Ms Cita today to tell her the great news!!!! I know she will be so thankful and excited to get a family portrait done by two of the most wonderful photographers who they themselves continually show their inner beauty to others!

  • Aviva

    July 5, 2011., 12:11 PM /

    What a great story from Angelique. And how random that I happened to meet her and the girls today!! Nice family:)

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