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Send lawyers, guns, and money!





Bucks County Photography

Well, okay, maybe the guns are extreme, we’ll settle for lawyers and money. Though nothing has actually hit any fans around here, I have just had that song in my head since this our lawyer shoot this afternoon…. And now I give it to you! Is the song in your head now?? Good! 🙂

We do have lawyers to show you. I may just even show them to you now rather than going in order.. Who wants order, anyway?? Especially when it’s so predictably chronological.

SO here they are! Our lawyers! Well, no, not ours, ParleeStumpf’s lawyers I guess, since they asked us to shoot them. Well now that doesn’t sound right either… Let me try again: Here are the lawyers of Cooley &Handy in Doylestown! They are warm, friendly and approachable, as you can easily see in their photos! 😉 We had a fun time with them, once again however the fun and merriment made for some extremely happy pictures, and while you want to work with a pleasant and happy lawyer, one should probably shy away from any that seem outright giddy. To get some of the happiest shots, Kevin had their secretary reading headlines aloud from The Onion. What a great idea! That worked much better then me wiggling my hand above Aaron’s head yelling “look at the monkey! look at the monkey!” …Although it may depend upon the age group, too.

Here are Pat, Kevin and Karen normal sized


Here they are after we shrunk them just a little


They all looked so happy shrunken we kept them that way a little while.


(We didn’t really shrink them…


this is just a fun perspective and makes people appear less intimidating than some other angles. Shhhh)


I loved this one of Kevin- he totally looks like Someone from TV- but who??? Help me out!!


And to keep with our random and out of order method today, I now show you- boots! Not just any boots, mind you, but Insulboots! I will show them to you and then you try to figure out what they are and what they’re used for. Winner gets to baby sit our kids for a night!

(Hint- it is NOT a badly constructed piggy bank)


This one is a little cranky and sullen:


We captured an image of this one as it gazed off into the distance,

But then it saw us.


Any ideas?? They are rubber boots made by a company in Pipersville called Insulboot, and our friends at ParleeStumpf asked us to photograph them.  I’m still not telling you what they are used for though- now you just have to click on the link! 😉

We had a fun event with other local vendors at Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting last Friday- it was supposed to be Salsa dancing on the roof top, but the gusting winds and torrential rains and lightning cut that short pretty quick, so we moved it down into the store. Justine of Green Changes led the dance lessons, which were  lots of fun despite the close quarters.



Soap- not fudge. Don’t eat it! There was some brief confusion…




It was fun until I caught Lovey with my sister…


he he! 😉 Not sure why he has that deer in headlights expression on his face, but here are some more of him while I’m at it:

This is what I get when I say give me ‘smolder’ (we’re big Tangled fans at our house)


And this is Lovey just being Lovey! 🙂


Now, saving the best for last- the other best that is not Aaron, of course!….the pictures you’ve all been waiting for: this weekend’s wedding!! Yay!!!

Kathleen and Jordan are a couple you may remember from one of my favorite engagement sessions this year- the one with the train. They were married Saturday, with the most relaxed and easy going friends and family, it was such a pleasure to work with them all- there was no stress or worries over anything. Kathleen was focused solely on Jordan and the act of marrying him, rather than the event of a wedding. Their first kiss was the sweetest one I’ve ever seen, and then he actually swept her up and lifted her off the altar at the end!

We really can’t help but be mushy romantics with this kind of job, we’re so lucky!



There were so many wonderful emotional moments!



Now these next few have to be the funniest “picking up the groom” series we’ve ever done. Jordan just cracked me up- he was as immobile as a mannequin!



Classic ring bearer shot!

















The apple goose. Oh yes, there’s a story behind it! But I can’t tell you…



Coolest centerpieces!!


A fun night was had by all, and one of the best parts for us was getting to work with all our friends at DiSH! We love the people who feed us!

That’s all for now. Lots more weddings coming up, and some babies and bellies too! Plus the First Day of School- already?!  And we are excited to say we’re booking up 2012 with weddings left and right! Incase you’re a procrastinator- booking your photographer a year in advance is a good idea- we hate when we have to turn away anyone because the date has already been taken- it makes us sad! We don’t like to be sad, we are a happy people!


Cheryl, Aaron and the small ones that I thought were causing the earthquake the other day (“Stop shaking Mommy’s chair!!)



  • Amanda

    August 25, 2011., 9:54 AM /

    Cheryl, I adore the wedding shots. I can feel the LOVE. Beautiful! Beautiful!

  • Aviva

    August 25, 2011., 10:10 AM / always! A little entertainment on a very rainy day:)

  • Tony

    August 25, 2011., 10:11 AM /

    Hey that was an awesome blog! And of course – great pictures….love the Salsa dancing and incredible shrinking lawyers!

  • Bob Mills

    August 25, 2011., 10:11 AM /

    Why, do you feel stranded in Honduras or did you go home with a waitress…like you always do? Peace B

  • Susan

    August 25, 2011., 10:35 AM /

    Hi! Kevin looks like Tim Russert from NBC News. :)

  • Pam

    August 25, 2011., 1:11 PM /

    You can't beat that mother/daughter wedding shot! But I can't decide if I like that one best or the passionate kiss along the wall shot - it looks like an advertisement! ---You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing the love!

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