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Vineyards, elephants and beautiful tiny dancers





Bucks County Photography

Hopefully none of you noticed that there was no blog last week! I was not allowed to do it while on vacation, the boss said. Which is a shame really, because the writing would have had so happy and relaxed a tone, as opposed to the one that will probably come through today of: Oh geez there is SO much work to catch up on!! But, as happens on all of our vacations (or at least the once where we are able to take a step back from the business and view things slightly more objectively) an epiphany was made while at the beach. A simple fact that would appear obvious to everyone else, but somehow eludes us most of the time. I decided to remind Lovey of it as he started to stress out because he wasn’t getting as early a start as he planned today. I waited till he came back and was already in a calmer frame of mind, and I said you know, the only benefit we really derive from owning our own business is that WE make our own schedules. WE control when we work, and if we are freaking out and feeling overwhelmed, then we should alter the schedule so that we aren’t! And, as usually happens, he had already come to the same conclusion on his own while he was out… πŸ™‚ SO prepare to hear a lot less of how busy we are and more about how happy and relaxed we are! Dammit! πŸ˜‰

Lets go back, lets go way way back, to May and the dancers of Buckingham Dance. I held off on posting them until all of the packages had been mailed out. Here’s just a handful of them in all of their adorableness:









Now to go forward in time from May, here are two June weddings! YAY!

The first is Hannah and Josh, whom we met way back when they got engaged. They are both so fun and wow-did they pick the most gorgeous venue ever!


Cool hanger






The camera loved Josh!


The rare image of a bride taking someone else’s picture on her wedding day!


I loved very cool antique brooch in Hannah’s hair



Breathtaking ceremony location at Alba Vineyards


It was a very touching ceremony because the officiant, a close friend of Hannah’s mom, has known her since before she was born




Beautiful vineyard





Beautiful happy couple!


They were determined to have their puppy be there in some way!



Aaron’s attempt at a Beringer ad ;)






It was a beautiful night!


The next June bride is the lovely Beth Reynolds, sister of the equally lovely Amy Connelly, who is married to the most lovely of all, Dann! πŸ˜‰





Kurt and the men strolling down the Atlantic City boardwalk


Outside of the Atlantic Club (which will always be the Golden Nugget to me)


The rented a private jitney to get to the reception! I wish we called the little buses around here jitneys- it’s just so fun to say!


Three sisters on the beach- Amy, Beth & Kat


The whole beachy wedding party- buckets and all!


Beth & Mom πŸ™‚



She really is this pretty- we did nothing to the photos! ;)



They used Monopoly cards as table names!


Yes, that is a giant elephant you see peeking into the ceremony


I know you won’t believe me, but we didn’t even pose this one…I don’t think…



Frolicking bride and bridal party in the waves


My attempt at getting into a Corona ad


I don’t know why it is, but anytime I am down low to get a shot, people seem to be drawn to running straight into the camera! πŸ˜‰


Up in the Howdah!


Dann & Amy! They’ll do anything to get in the blog, including forcing their way into weddings we’re shooting… ;P


A very well-loved couple


Yep- I’m not sure how I went my whole life (including summers in AC, and road trips specifically in search of unusually giant objects) and  somehow missed ever seeing Lucy the Elephant before!


Adorable, perfectly themed cake topper



Photo booth fun




Next we attended the first of many wonderful events to come with Bert Proulx and the members of Event Studios Group at Crystal Rose Catering’s new banquet location in Montgomeryville.






Some of our favorite & most fun cohorts! Bob Mills, Bill & Lori Norcross, and Jason Fluck


Our friends Glenn & Laurie Douglass, of the famously decadent Laurie’s Chocolates


Then we all attended our first CBCC Brown Bag it with Arts of this summer





Next up was the Liberty Financial Group, and we want to thank Eric Jacobson for recommending us to them! Plus it turns out the vice president and I went to highs school together!






Tom & Jodi




Eric – he was a grade behind me in high school- small world!


Eric Tom & Micheal


And we will end with Aleia’s first dance recital!!



She’s the one all the way to the left



Aleia with Aunt Betti-Lou


With her proud big brother


With Grandpop and Bubbie


Lampop & Gramere


But most of all, with her Daddy πŸ™‚


And we’ll end there for now. Next we will have fun beach photos, two more weddings to share, and the birthday celebration of our littlest bug, the adorable Aleia!

Love, Cheryl & Aaron and thier little sea urchins


  • vonSchtoomphhff

    July 12, 2012., 9:49 AM /

    great shots all around. loved the black and white stunner at alba vineyards with the tree. we were just up there. buy their mainsail white by the case. keep up the good work. slow down the schedule. and always always carpe the diem.

  • Aviva

    July 12, 2012., 5:00 PM /

    Love it all! LOVE the shot of you two with Aleia. Classic:)

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