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We won! Woo hoo!





Bucks County Photography

I have to start this week’s blog by exclaiming WE WON! WE WON!! Yayyyyyy!!! (and if you are able to picture me flailing my arms around in the air like Kermit the Frog, do so now) There are so many things in the world that I really love– one of them is being liked, another is winning things. And this week we just got both!! We were just given the Bride’s Choice Award for 2012–our second year in a row!!                   THANK YOU so much to all of our brides for being so kind to take the time to vote for us, and for being so wonderful to work with in general.

It’s amazing how often we get asked about “bridezillas” or difficult brides, and Aaron and I honestly tell people–we’ve never had any! (Now, sometimes those moms can get a little crazy…but that’s what we moms do.) And if you’ve read this blog before or ever met us- you know we aren’t just saying ‘Oh no, gee, all our brides are SO Great’, blink blink, while nodding and smiling vacantly. Nope- if anything, we (and that we is really pretty much an I in this context) tend to be very straight forward, and speak openly and perhaps even more honestly than Aaron thinks necessary for the general public! 😉  SO it’s really true- we have only had wonderful brides! Sweet and thoughtful, fun and creative, adorable and beautiful. I wonder if perhaps the more high maintenance types may just not want the style of photography and overall experience that Aaron and I provide. For example, we’re huggy. With everyone. And we laugh a lot- at ourselves, at each at other, with you– it’s a happy, happy day and one that should be filled joy and laughter! We even cry, sometimes. Those mother/son and daddy/daughter dances get me almost every time, especially since we’ve had kids. And Aaron STILL gets choked up when the groom sees the bride first walking down the aisle. I think our couples realize that their day means as much to us as it does to them, and they appreciate that. And they’re all so cool that they even go online and vote for us!! That’s really the most amazing part of it all to me. Everyone’s just so crazy busy anymore, and there’s so many things we mean to do but never get around to– the fact that they thought enough to take the time to sit down and write about us- that’s just so NICE!! So– Thank you, all our brides!! 🙂 Thank you so much.

I thought I’d share a couple of our very favorite wedding photos from the past year, in honor of all those great brides. …well, okay, maybe more than a couple…




And this is not the only news I am excited to share in this week’s blog! I am really, really excited to talk about the rescuing of an historic Bucks County icon- The Bucks County Playhouse!! It was recently bought by Kevin and Sherri Daugherty, through their nonprofit, Bridge Street Foundation, and it’s going to be managed by the Bucks County Playhouse Conservancy. They even expect to re-open in time for a 2012 summer season!! Why am I so excited by this, you may wonder? Besides the fact that I LOVE the theater?? That it is my happy place, that if I could go see a Broadway show once a week I would be in heaven? Is it because now, the stage where the likes of none other than the incomparable Grace Kelly once captivated her audience will once again be restored to it’s original majesty?? That’s part of it. But also because new owners Sherri and Kevin asked us to photograph the painting they plan to use for the Bridge Street Foundation logo– and that makes me totally feel like we get to be be a part of this all!! Sherri owns Angel Hearts boutique in Newtown, and you may recall the ‘hangar ladies’ we capture for her ads, or their gorgeous daughter Tara’s senior portraits (or maybe even her Great Dane Bono- the hugest coolest dog I have ever seen?) Aaron and I are thrilled to be a part of what she and Kevin plan to do with the playhouse, in any way- and I will definitely be keeping everyone posted on ways you can help make this happen too!

Here is the painting they are using for the Bridge Street Foundation logo:


Oh, there is just so much celebrating going on over here this month! We also got to celebrate my birthday. I would have thought that last year’s party with Omar would have been hard to top, but I was wrong. We had such a blast with all our friends, especially after I made Aviva pull out her acting class games!! I LOVED IT!! We have the best friends! Seriously. Just look at them. Here are more photos from the night than I am sure you want to see– but I have to make sure you get to meet everyone! 🙂

So, um, yeah, I am not necessarily the most photogenic photographer, but I do look so darn happy!

Me & Lovey– with the the Traditional Birthday Girl glass!


Miss Janna and I


Todd, Me, Joe, Lovey & Janna


Bunch of crazy girls and a Jeremy!!


Mike and Tara- thanks for taking all the photos Mike!! 🙂


Blowing out the candles with Lei-Lei- in the delicious sugar free cheesecake made by Lovey!!


Some call him…Tim




There was much love that night


Sometimes the love was smothering… 😉


And even Mryon made it!!


And, since I keep being told that this blog is really not supposed to me all about me… 😉

Here’s some actual session photos.

Now, as a warning- the following images do depict a scantily clad beautiful woman! These photos are from this week’s Boudoir Session, and I feel they’re about as risque as a Victoria’s Secret catalogue- but if you’re reading the blog at work you may want to save these last few for home… even though they are art, people- ART!!!


There are many more, so if you think these look cool and want to do something exciting for your significant other this Valentine’s Day- just let me know!

And that’s probably about all most of you can handle for one blog! 😉

Thank you again, to everyone–for the reviews that won us the award, for all the birthday wishes, and for just, being there in general!

With lots of love and gratitude,

Cheryl & Aaron, and their precious offspring



  • Your Marketing Guy

    January 19, 2012., 12:29 PM /

    Great party Cheryl. We all had a great time! Love the blog. Especially when I'm in it ;)

  • Sarah

    January 19, 2012., 3:29 PM /

    Ooh, I made the blog TWICE this week! Love it :-)

  • Lori

    January 19, 2012., 6:24 PM /

    looks like you had a wonderful time at your party. You just turned 21 right? See you very soon! Happy Birthday - Lori

  • Joe

    January 20, 2012., 9:46 AM /

    And a fun party it was. Really great crew. So much fun:o)

  • Meredith

    January 20, 2012., 1:55 PM /

    Is that the bridge from Lambertville to New Hope? Ed and I got engaged on that bridge!

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