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The Blog is BACK! It’s The Big Summer Recap Issue!





Bucks County Photography

Senior PortraitHi! You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit slim the past few months. SO slim, in fact, that it wasn’t there at all! It’s not entirely my fault- we have been updating the website with a fresh look, and my posting would have interfered with the process, in some computer-y way that I don’t fully understand. But it’s a big bit my fault too, because once again I spent summer enjoying every minute, and in between working hard I relaxed even harder! And I did not take the time to update you, my wonderful and supportive readers, all of whom I hope will return to read again now!  It’s been three months in the making, but here now I present to you The Big Summer Recap Blog!! There’s a lot to see, a lot to share, a lot of love and smiles and happiness- so I will try to keep my comments brief (as brief as is possible for me) and limit each events photos to just a few, and let the photos tell the stories.


Starting with Kelly & Frank’s wedding! We met Kelly when we shot Megan and Mike’s wedding- geez- was it two years ago?? She was Megan’s maid of honor and told us that day that she wanted us for her wedding- even though she wasn’t yet engaged! But true to her word, the minute she was she called us! And we stayed up to date with her planning process through her own blog. Needless to say, she has a special place in our heart and we were so glad to be a part of   her wedding:201305111913-3498 201305111646-5994 201305111607-3236 201305111600-7144

Next was a beautiful senior portrait session. We had done her sister Tara’s senior photos two years before, and now it was Payton’s turn! And of course we had to get my favorite huge dog in there too. We had a great time, with Joe Sedik helping us capture the elegant formal looks that this session just seemed to call for.201306041754-4477 201306041901-4515 201306041834-8857 24x30-prom dress

It’s time to throw some corporate work into this mix! Here is a whole store photo we took for the amazing Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods store- and if you look verrrry closely on the left, second row,  you can see my sister! Hi Betti-Lou!


Here was a fun afternoon on the Bucks County Courthouse lawn, with the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce and their Brown Bag it with the Arts committee, along with two of the Bucks County Commissioners, and Third Fed Bank. Always a fun way to spend a Wednesday lunchtime in the summer!

201306121204-9195 201306121230-9298 201306121206-9207201306121247-9327




A fun afternoon with Hatboro Federal. This was a ribbon cutting and get together for the Greater Hatboro Chamber, and no one throws as good a party as Joe Tryon!

201306121812-9415201306121750-9385  201306121814-9416 201306121815-9424 201306121821-9435

And the summer held a few head shots too! It’s not all weddings and crazy corporate events you know! ; ) Here is the lovely and talented Meghan, who works with our favorite Dr Heidi at Willow Wellness Chiropractic.

201306191514-9708 201306191542-9827 201306191548-9858 201306191551-9884 201306191554-9909

And now I think you’ve waited long enough- it’s time for some more wedding images! YAY! This is Elysha and Austin’s wedding at Talamore, with more of our Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce friends- Hi Sue! Brad! Vail!– and I think what may be a rare photo of the amazing Amanda Soler in our blog!

201306221539-4751 201306221844-0633 201306221955-0759 201306221958-4960

A wonderful summer event at the Pearl S Buck, Aaron and Bryan shot the VIP reception and all of the festivities, leaving me free to mingle and enjoy the event as a corporate business partner! I love my job! 🙂 It was a great time, and each time we are there I am more convinced that I would have really liked hanging out with this Pearl Buck woman, and really  wish that she were around now for me to learn from, and be inspired by, in person. Lots of our favorite PSB VIP’s featured below, including Pam,  Janet, Tony, David, Commissioner Rob Loughery (again!) with Karen and Jamie Moyer and wait- who’s that last one?? Why, I think- I think that’s BRYAN! We need more photos of Bryan, so you can all get to know and love him as we do. He’s become a big part of the AMP family and I am sure you will see and hear more about him soon!

201306261818-5072 201306261846-5128 201306261854-5149 201306261904-1486 201306262146-1329 201306262208-1417

I think it’s time to throw in some family portraits now. This fun sibling/cousin session was done together with Amiee, another associate photographer that we hope to tell you more about soon! I had a great time coordinating this session with Jackie, the winner of a family portrait session from the CB Chamber’s Golf Outing silent auction. Her grandchildren were adorable to work with, and even better,  obviously adored by their grandparents!


201306271754-5180 201306271807-1539 201306271811-0340 201306271813-1587

And our very favorite Courtney and Tom, whose wedding we did in Bethlehem also about two years ago I think- though I am beginning to wonder if everything in the past is now just “two years ago” to me, kind of the way anything past used to be yesterday to Aleia… But no longer a bride, Courtney is now a Mommy! She and Tom had a beautiful baby girl. Congrats guys! She’s so cute! I can’t wait to see her in a dance outfit!

201307091853-2814-3 201307091901-2844 201307091917-2874 201307091928-2916And before we show more weddings, which I know is what most if you really like to see, here’s one more corporate session, of English Village Apartments for our friends at ParleeStumpf.

201306281331-2353 201306281143-2163 201306281039-1888 201306280959-1697

Time for more weddings! Maureen and Steve’s wedding was at the amazing Lake House Inn, which is also conveniently located almost around the corner from us! The day did end up rainy -our first rained out ceremony in 7 years of shooting- but Maureen let nothing dampen the day, and there were so many cool locations inside that we were at no loss for places to get photos. This was a fun, fun group to hang out with for the day!

201307121753-3586201307121943-3798  201307121751-6249 201307121613-9010

Then we went back to our other conveniently located venue, with Open Aire Affairs, The Pearl S Buck! Laura and David had a great night, aided no doubt by the incomparable Kate Conaway of Jamie Hollander, and rockin’ Bob Mills of Philly Event Group! It was the hottest, muggiest, stickiest night of the year, but that didn’t stop this crowd from partying hard with the happy bride & groom!

201307132130-5248 201307131542-4388-2 201307131504-7392 201307131428-7339



Meredith and Jeff’s wedding was on a beautiful day at the historic Pennsbury Manor. Such a cool place, not only scenic and beautiful but the people running it were incredibly accommodating- they even let me pet the ox!! 😀201307201623-6481

Hehe-  I had to put this one in! Dad’s peeking over the fence to watch the first look.  But doesn’t it look like Wilson from Home Improvement??


201307201257-6714 201307201636-6528  I always love men in uniform, but an entire group of uniformed men doing jazz hands?? Irresistible! 🙂201307201351-5908

I know we’re getting long now, but it’s the BIG SUMMER RECAP! And there’s just so much to recap for you! 😉 Here is a Surprise Birthday party thrown by a proud son for his mom, with the help of Kate from Jamie Hollander, images captured by our newest associate Amiee!

201308030251-1924 201308030401-2035 201308030737-2446 201308030741-2464-2-2

I think it’s time for another belly! Here is our beautiful friend Aviva, owner of Lights! Camera! Acting!, and her equally beautiful family. We have been fortunate enough to have lovely Lilah as a model since she was in that belly too- and soon you’ll get see photos of her new baby sister!


201308231719-7072 201308231716-7044 201308231650-6968 201308231648-6936

Felicia and Jason had a picture perfect day to hold their elegant black tie wedding on the lawn of her parents home, and Henry and Elise were wonderfully gracious hosts. Floribuna provided the incredible floral displays, and I believe a fun’ time was had by all.

201308241830-7461 201308242222-7859 201308241943-0072 201308241857-7508


And now it’s time for the last wedding of the summer! There are more for fall, but those will just have to wait for the next blog post. 😉 Krystale and Jason had a wonderful time at their very personalized wedding at Sandcastle Winery, filled with many unique touches made by the bride herself, and then transported all the way down to Bucks County from their home in New England!

201308312138-8655 201308311846-8347 201308311651-7565 201308311531-8201


And we are going to end this blog with photos from a benefit thrown by some of the Doylestown merchants and residents, in honor of a member of their merchant ‘family’, Drew and Judy Abbate, of The Vine and Fig. Judy is in the hospital today as I type, to undergo an experimental surgery that would not be covered by insurance, and we hope that the money raised by this benefit will help them through this incredibly difficult time. This is not the first time the people and shop owners of Doylestown have rallied to help one of their families, and Aaron and I are so proud to be able to be a part of what they do.


Miss Ellen was a driving force in organizing the auction. AND she’s one of the only people who can make me look tall! 😉201308251733-8061 201308251841-8106

Matt from Chambers won the raffle, and then immediately donated his winnings right back to the benefit.201308251833-8097

Mike & Sue Ivankovich auctioneered the event together, and his incredible auctioning skills were a big hit.201308251807-8073


Our thoughts and prayers are with Drew and Judy today.



Thanks for making it all the way to the bottom! I hope you enjoyed the recap of all that we have been up to this summer. I promise not to let the blog go for so long again- at least not until next summer…

Happy Autumnal Equinox, everyone!
Love, Cheryl & Aaron- and Bryan!- and our happy little back to schoolers



  • Jim Donovan

    September 20, 2013., 3:39 PM /

    Nice work. You guys have been busy.

    • Cheryl Quinn Castro

      September 23, 2013., 11:01 AM /

      Thanks Jim! We have- and we love it! :)

  • Amanda

    September 20, 2013., 4:12 PM /

    I'm so honored to have made the blog! :) Beautiful photos, guys. Love seeing Aviva's family photos - Looking forward to baby pix!

    • Cheryl Quinn Castro

      September 23, 2013., 11:02 AM /

      Babies pics on their way soon Amanda! And WE are the ones honored to have you in the blog! :)

    • Brad

      September 23, 2013., 11:51 PM /

      Totally excited to be a part of the blog. A few times! A well as the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce!

  • Amanda

    September 20, 2013., 4:15 PM /

    P.S. Thank you for including the Brown Bag-It link!

  • Aviva

    September 20, 2013., 9:59 PM /

    I missed the blog!!! So glad it's back;)

    • Cheryl Quinn Castro

      September 23, 2013., 11:03 AM /

      Thanks!! We missed it too! :)

  • Maureen jones

    September 21, 2013., 10:54 AM /

    We had such a blast with you guys shooting our wedding and the end result was more that I could hope for! I loved every moment of working with you guys! My girlfriend just got engaged and asked I forward your info because she was also impressed with your work! Have a great fall guys! When the babies start coming I'm sure we will meet again! :) Maureen & Steve Jones<3

    • Cheryl Castro

      October 3, 2013., 12:48 PM /

      Thanks so much Maureen!! It was a great day and an awesome venue-you were all a blast to spend the day with! Can't wait to hear from your friend-- And definitely keep us posted on any babies on the way!! :)

  • sue

    September 21, 2013., 4:05 PM /

    The pictures of Elysha and Austins were amazing. You made the entire process easy from start to finish. Thanks for helping to make the memories everlasting

    • Cheryl Castro

      October 3, 2013., 12:48 PM /

      I am so glad Sue! :) Thank YOU guys!!

  • Betti-Lou

    September 23, 2013., 7:20 PM /

    Glad to see the blog back, it looks great.

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