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Fall Weddings and Soccer Babes





Bucks County Photography



I am so glad we had such a wonderful response to the last blog! I was afraid it had been so long that you would all go away. Thank you for sticking with us!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Now that we have gotten us all caught up on the summer weddings, it’s time for some fun fall ones! Our first wedding of September was with Kelly and Matt- one of the nicest couples!! They had the exciting experience of getting all four of our photographers for their day, which may have overwhelmed some bridal parties, but not this crew! Held at the lovely Manor House at Commonwealth, on a beautiful warm day, it was the perfect day for a wedding.201309071422-0631 201309071449-8898 201309071526-8953 201309071554-0578 201309071649-9108 201309071734-9539 201309071737-7597 201309071741-7610


Signature drinks color-coordinated with the bridesmaids dresses!201309071749-9589



So it’s kind of subtle, but if you look closely, you can see that all the men are jumping. Actually, it kind of looks like something invisible is slowly pulling all the men up into the air…but either way, it’s amusing! 201309071756-9195 201309071759-9214 201309071808-8152 201309071808-9603 201309071811-9612 201309071813-9231 201309071816-9632



And Kelly & Matt were so lucky & smart to have chosen Richie & Cutting Edge to keep their party rocking all night long! We love Richie- we know the dance floor will be packed will happy people when he’s the DJ!201309071835-9276 201309071840-0846 201309071919-9349 201309072016-8277


Did I meniton the dance floor would be packed?201309072123-9449


This is one of my favorites of the whole reception. She just looks so cute & happy!201309072136-9795 201309072158-9555 201309072222-9584


And we have more babies! Babies in bellies, babies who came out, babies who aren’t babies anymore playing soccer. Let’s start with babies in bellies! Introducing: Sarah & Jeremy, and their belly!


201309141709-9744-2 201309141713-9767 201309141724-9805 201309141804-9899 201309141812-9916


Next we have a little one who came out! You saw her last blog in utero, now please meet Sadie, outside of Aviva!



Adorable unfocused eyed Sadie- she was trying so hard to see Aaron! 201309221058-0143 201309221104-0164


Pretty Aviva- even days after having a baby she’s photogenic! 201309221133-0197


Okay- they are not actually playing tug o war with the baby- though it does look that way here! 201309221139-0217

THIS is the look we were going for. The first one just amused me so I had to include it! 201309221139-0220 201309221142-0228 201309221143-0231

And all of this talk of babies reminds me that we had a celebration here over the summer that we never got to share- Sarah & Jeremy’s Baby to B-BQ!


His incredible camera skills are only part of the reason we love Bryan so- he’s also an AMAZING cook! This is my favorite look for him- in my kitchen, cooking a delicious meal… ๐Ÿ˜‰



Jessie was the incredible pie baker. She made ALL of the pies!201308031609-6494

Aviva came up with the theme and decorations- and made up the memory station 201308031617-6508


Comparing bellies! 201308031719-6520 201308031853-6605 201308031858-6611


The pies were so good people she’d never met just couldn’t stop hugging and thanking Jessie!201308031903-6620


And we had our own baby to celebrate the following weekend- our beautiful baby boy is now TEN years old!! How can this be….201308101911-6759 201308101911-6762

SO we spend most of our day Saturday on the soccer field now, (when we aren’t shooting) and I have to say- I like it! We’ve had the best weather, the kids are running around for hours in the fresh air, and the parents we hang out with are fun to be around! Here are Aidan & Aleia with their Bubbie and Grandpop one Saturday.

201309211342-0099 201309211346-0103



Lei-Lei has taken to soccer like a fish to water! Her first time ever playing but this cute tiny girl is fierce on the field!


201309191849-0048 201309211335-0088201309191754-9952

Her brother takes a more relaxed approach to the game… ๐Ÿ˜‰201309211020-0051


And I do believe this is all I have for you this post. I hope you had fun! Enjoy the last few days of this amazing Indian Summer, spend time outside! Next blog we have more weddings, some cool events, and who knows- maybe even more babies! They seem to be very ‘in’ this year! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Love, Cheryl & Aaron, and their kickin’ little kids!




  • Joe

    October 11, 2013., 9:48 AM /

    Such fun. U guys are the best :o)

  • DJ Bob

    October 11, 2013., 10:09 AM /

    Hey, who is that "other" DJ cuddling up with Cheryl!!?? Nice pictures and great work from Aaron Mitchell Photography

    • Cheryl Castro

      October 11, 2013., 10:19 AM /

      Oh Bob- no one could ever fill your crocodile shoes!! ;) I hope we will be seeing you soon at the party!!

  • Anna K. Brown

    October 11, 2013., 6:41 PM /

    You did wonderful pics of our son and daughter-in-law's wedding on June 22, 2013. Due to an unexpected situation I was out of town and unable to access the internet to see the pictures online (and purchase the ones we wanted). Is there anyway to get access to these pictures? Thanks, Kay

    • Aaron Castro

      October 13, 2013., 8:53 AM /

      Hi Anna! No problem! We just sent you a link and the code! The gallery is extended until the end of the month.

  • Connie Riester

    October 12, 2013., 5:13 PM /

    Cheryl and Arron-You are such gifted people. Your pictures are incredible and thanks for sharing them!

  • Sarah

    October 13, 2013., 2:36 PM /

    Wow, we made multiple appearances this blog! And I'm guessing there may be another baby appearing in the next one ;-)

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