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First Wedding of the Season, Heros and as always- More!





Bucks County Photography

It’s time! It’s here! Our first wedding this year! It was held on a gorgeous April day, Alicia and Jon were ready get the party started long before the reception began. We’ve never seen a bride want so badly to get into her wedding dress! It was a great day, and I think you can see how happy everyone was to celebrate.



While the guys got a shave and a hair cut at Shaving Grace in Doylestown…



The girls got their nails done!




Alicia was such an easy bride to capture- she looked beautiful no matter what she did!



She obviously takes after her mom!




The ceremony and reception were held at Occassions in New Hope, and catered of course by Memorable Affairs. Right down to the hot dogs served at the end, by special request of the bride.



Even Dad was ready to get the night started!











All of the amazing cupcakes- in 5 scrumptious flavors and enough for all 130 or so guests- were homemade and driven to the wedding by the grooms grandmother from… I want to say Illinois… Both the cupcakes and the grandmother were incredible! 🙂


The unbelievable “catch on the tip of the nose”, made by Jon, as Alicia tossed the cake to him to eat!


We didn’t really know what was happening here, but figured we should get a picture anyway



Next we have this years Red Cross Heros. Each year the Red Cross invites people in the community to nominate someone they believe is a hero. It’s so gratifying to be able to help make these people, who have gone above and beyond and sometimes risked their own lives to save another’s, realize how wonderful and unique they are. The Red Cross honors each year’s heros with a special breakfast, photo session and awards ceremony.

Connor, age 6, called 911 when his mom had a diabetic siezure, saving her from serious injury. He was awarded the Good Samaritan award.


Dr. Bridgett O’Connell was awarded the Community Partner Award for opening the doors of Palisades High School for the Red Cross to use during Hurricane Sandy


Officers Fred Williamson and Albert Constantini, First Responders Award, for climbing through a broken window to rescue a homeowner.


Fred Vielhauer was given the Super Storm Sandy Award for being an vital part of the SEPA Red Cross logistics team, repositioning equipment, transporting volunteers, and working hard every day to help.


The Give Life Award was awarded to Richard Newbert for being an outstanding Red Cross volunteer-for donating blood platelets 304 times in his life!


And Jane Ward, the enthusiastic coordinator of the entire event


Since boys will play, Byran and Lovey took some time for some silly shots as they set up for the Red Cross shoot. You can see who the real ham is, by the sheer quantity of Aaron’s photos compared to poor Byran! ;P

This is Bryan, our associate shooter and Lovey’s newest significant other. By the way he talks about how wonderful Bryan is to work with, I am beginning to fear I could be replaced in more ways than one.      (As as matter of fact, this looks like quite the smoldering look he’s giving him in this photo… 😉


And here’s… LOVEY!



Yes, I think that’s a true hint of fear in his eyes as he realizes he’s throwing thousands of dollars into the air just to get a cool shot.


And we shall end this week’s blog with– ME! YAYY! Enough about weddings, heros, and that handsome guy! 😛

As you may or may not have guessed when you read our blog, I like writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I enjoy it even more when people seem to like reading it! And it happens from time to time that people will ask me to help when they need something written, and if there’s something I like even more than writing- it’s helping! Even better when it’s helping- for money! So I am now writing for our good friend Todd Parlee, as part of his Creative Content Team for his marketing agency, ParleeStumpf. I will not stop writing here, though- have no fear! Because, as I may have mentioned, I like writing. 😀

Here are the three fearless females currently comprising the Content Team, from left to right: myself, Bobbi Helms, and Daurelle Harris. As you can see, we really need a redhead. And maybe a male. I am taking applications.


And here they each are close up:





Me (it’s great to have a husband who knows just how to photoshop me!)


For this particular session we had a team of three dirty, tree cutting photographers who kindly took time out of their day to shoot us.

Lovey, with Daurelle


And Bryan and Joe


And some Lei Lei/Daddy time



Next blog you can look forward to- baseball photos! (as long as it stops threatening to rain) more weddings, a bridal shower, and who knows what else- it’s spring, anything could happen!


Cheryl & Aaron and their sunny little flower children


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    April 25, 2013., 10:06 AM /

    aaron nice pic of you and the one with alea.

  • Courtney Kay

    April 25, 2013., 11:01 AM /

    I love the picture of Aaron and Lei Lei! So adorable :)

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