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Many Happy Lives





Bucks County Photography

We all lead a lot of lives anymore. Work, home, family, friends, even our social networking personas- so many sides to all of us- and don’t forget just our own personal selves. I think we do tend to sometimes forget the ‘ourselves ‘ part with all of the other lives- and even get to to point where we think we can only be happy in a few of the lives. But, as I have been reading in a great book I just found while indulging in some quality Me Time, when we make ourselves happy, we make others happy. (The book is The Happiness Project, by the way, and I highly recommend it!!) And sometimes at this point in life, it can take some real thinking to figure out just what DOES really make us happy? What do you enjoy doing simply because it brings you joy? I am so lucky to find a lot of joy in my work, but I wonder if I would enjoy it as much as I do, if I didn’t also have such a good time when I am not working?? Hmm!

There’s your thought provoking for the day! 🙂 Now onto some heads! We have had a number of men in suits show up at Aaron Mitchell Photography in the past week or two, and we figured we may as well shoot them.

First suited man is Michael Maxwell, sent to us my our great friend Brad Wurtz, of IFG Mortgage Corp.


Next is a familiar face to our blog readers, if only because he makes us take his photo SO OFTEN! Todd Parlee, of ParleeStumpf:

I liked the one on the right more- I thought it was a cooler look than the traditional angled smiling head. No one agreed with me. 🙁

And now- Tony Luna!! You hear about the Pearl Buck Estate from us all the time- but you may have never actually gotten to SEE the amazing Tony, vice president of relationship development, inexhaustible in his pursuit to further the legacy of Pearl Buck!


And now part of the home life- here is Aleia at her kindergarten Valentine’s Day party. This is one of the reasons Aaron and I are so happy – we can prioritize business and home and make sure BOTH of us can be there for the little, but oh so big- events in our kids’ days.


Crazy Daddy helping with projects- note the cool but short lived goatee! 😉


And creeping into March Madness, our little b-ball star Aidan!



Okay, now I have something REALLY COOL to show you!! Lovey and our recent photographer addition Bryan were in Doylestown shooting at the Vine and Fig Tree Bistro for an extremely cool dinner & movie event that Chef Owner, Drew Abbate, and Laurie Douglass, of Laurie’s Chocolates, are having next week. Aaron took images of the two of them and the theater, and made this poster. I didn’t even know he was this good! 😉

Here are the original images:




Here’e the poster:


And here are two of the unused images– they made me giggle because it really looks like Drew is trying to get a bite of that truffle but Laurie keeps moving it away! 😉


And we shall end with more family life- my mom’s Surprise 70th Birthday party!


This is the first photo taken of just the four of us in thirty years!!


SO many friends and family came to surprise and celebrate with my mom! 🙂






Another rare photo- Lam and my stepbrother Christopher! 🙂



And so concludes another two weeks in the life of the Aaron Mitchell Photography family!  Stay tuned next blog for some great party photos- a Sweet 16 party, the Hatboro Boro Ball– and hopefully it will be time to share the hilariously fun results of our photo shoot with Rick Toone! 😉

Love and (hopefully soon to be warm) Sunshine,

Cheryl & Aaron and their so small but independent little people


PS- don’t forget- today is the LAST day to vote for us as Most Happening Wedding Photographers! Please vote, it only takes a few seconds, you can personally add to our continuing happiness! 😉

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  • Amy Sue

    February 28, 2013., 4:16 PM /

    Wow, your mom is 70??? I would have never in a million years guessed that! Love the family pictures from her party ~ good stuff! :)

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    March 1, 2013., 8:12 PM /

    I loved the pictures from the party, can't wait to see the rest! Thank you guys so much for taking them. Cute pictures of Miss Olivia and Lei Lei also. Aaron - The poster was great!!! Isn't Amy Sue sweet. :)

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