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No days without laughter





Bucks County Photography

Yep- that’s the snowman Aaron and Aleia built this week…the week of March 25. I love snow. I love it all winter. I wait and hope that the inches they forecast will become two digit numbers. In the winter. It’s spring now, and I would like to have warmth again. Though, even as I crave some warm sunshine, I must admit it was still a beautiful snowy day!! And gave us the wonderful opportunity to make Mr Frsoty and his snow dog/llama.


So, I have been reading some of my older blogs, and noticed that they used to have a lot more words. I feel lately there have just be so many photos to share, that I don’t tell as much of the wonderful stories behind the images as I used to. SO I am going to work on that! I’ve revised my writing schedule, (as well as my work out schedule- which means I will now be thinner stronger and healthier as I write for you- yay!) and I hope to be able to put more thought back into the whole process. I hope you like it! (The added thought and words- not the stronger, healthier Cheryl. Although it’s fine if you like that too, really, I need all the positive reinforcement I can get! ;))

Here we have our first engagement session of the season! Yayyy!! Meet Karen & Tony. I first met them when we were all out with my friend Crystale, who definitely needs to come out with me more because she is NEVER in the blog!! Karen and Tony had recently gotten engaged, and of course Crystale told them what Aaron & I do, so over dinner and drinks Tony told us all about their story- how it began years ago, but each was convinced the other wasn’t truly interested, and how, after years and other relationships went by, they met up again and knew they were meant to be together. Tony tells it much much better than I. 😉


They had a fun session with Bryan, who will also be shooting their wedding since we were already booked for their date- and it’s so, so nice not to have to tell brides that we can no longer do their weddings due to previous bookings! Now we can say, oh, Aaron and I personally cannot, but our other amazing team can! For Karen & Tony Bryan did a mini-engagement session, so they could use the images for a Save the Date card.





Next we have images of music! Chris Dwyer of The Conservatory asked us to capture the night that their most accomplished students performed for their friends and family at the prestigious Kimmel Center. The children were incredible; the music that flowed from their fingers tips literally amazed me. It was hard to even focus on shooting, and not just be mesmerized by the incredible talent.










Chris and Rachel- we took acting classes with Rachel and her husband Patrick & didn’t even realize they would be there- and Rachel was coordinating the entire event!


After the children’s performances, the teachers got to play.



The funny and talented MC for the evening, Mr Paul Dake

Paul Dake



Then Aaron and Bryan traveled back to Center City to capture the heads of the Red Cross executives. Bryan was pleasantly surprised to already know our favorite Judge Renee Hughes, and swap tales of Little Tony. But I cannot give you any more details than that… 😉



Bryan was obviously very distracting to the clients!


As you can see, we can take a nice straight corporate head shot…

Judge Renee Hughes






However- it’s just impossible to not have a little fun too!!




As Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted”! 🙂

And we waste no days around here!


Onto the laughter filled Egg Hunt Weekend! First Lovey took the kids to the Hilltown Egg Hunt on Saturday. I think all of Hilltown was actually there- the kids ran into lots of friends.


The next day we all went to the Tabora Farms egg hunt- the Castros, Parlees and Millers- almost all the kids on our street! We’re only missing Anthony.


The chicken just doesn’t know what to make of that egg.




They are the Eggmen. Coo coo cachoo.  (Oh boy, will anyone even get that reference?!)


From there we went to see the coolest train display, and I am so glad Todd found out about it because apparently this coming weekend is the last time it will be open.




Phil, the creator, obviously has a twisted sense of humor- much appreciated by us all!



And that’s all for now! Go forth and enjoy your hopefully long weekends, with what I hear may be some actual spring like weather!


Cheryl & Aaron, and their soon to be chocolate covered children (and that would be Laurie’s Chocolates chocolate, to be precise!)



  • adam

    March 28, 2013., 9:33 AM /

    ailea looked so adorable

  • Courtney Kay

    March 28, 2013., 1:47 PM /

    I love Ailea's hat! Too cute!

  • Dawn

    March 28, 2013., 1:50 PM /

    Glad to see Bear made into a photo. We were going to go to Tabora but the 101 fever caught him again.

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    March 29, 2013., 7:39 PM /

    The pictures are nice. The house looks great! Who is that cute little girl in the green hat? :) A lot of really good pictures! :) Love ya

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