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One Lovely Bride, Two Beautiful Babies, and Many Creepy Costumes






Hello! I am trying new things with the blog- and in exactly the way you are not supposed to go about implementing new systems, I am trying them all out AT ONCE!! Wheeeeee!! SO- I would love all and any input/opinions/ suggestions you may have- just write me in the comments or email us. One of the things I am trying out is sending our newsletter and blog out on Fridays. Mostly because I really like Fridays- it’s such a happy day and I like to think the blog is a happy thing to find in your email. But it’s possible that Fridays may not be the best day for high open rates… so we shall see. I am also experimenting with making the photos MUCH larger. It is really all about the photos, right? I hear some people don’t read all these pesky words anyway! ;P I would love to hear what you think! Feedback me! Please 🙂

We will begin today with one of our loveliest brides. And she isn’t lovely just because she is so pretty. She is just an adorable person, a pleasure to be with and a lovely person inside and out. I first met Bethie when she was probably just a teenager- her mom and I used to work together, and we had the privilege to shoot her brother’s wedding two years ago.

I think you’ll be able to see the joy and sweetness that just radiate from this girl as you look at her photos!

201309271418-9934                       201309271432-0313

201309271443-0324 201309271506-0383201309271559-8439201309271627-8579201309271638-0465201309271657-0108201309271740-0502201309271745-0196201309271755-0546201309271824-8824201309271836-0620201309271917-0669201309271932-0312201309271939-0322201309272021-0758201309272022-0669


A lot of babies appeared in the past two months. Thankfully no new ones showed up at our house, but we did seem to be surrounded by them at one point! Here is my good friend Crystale’s beautiful Edison (he does not always look like a slumbering turtle) in his one month old photo.

201310091304-7976 201310091303-7971


Aaron and I were on hand to capture the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Bucks Fever Film Festival, including the  meet and greet with the judges before the showing of the winners at The County Theater.




Rick caught a fish “this big.”  ;P201310131622-8958201310131801-1174 201310131824-1194 201310131825-1195 201310131825-1197 201310131829-1208 201310132103-1247

And we would simply be remiss if we did not announce that our good friends at ParleeStumpf have added onto their team! Bryan and I captured Stephanie’s head for her website and PR images.




Ah! It’s another baby! Here is my newest little buddy, Christian, son of more good friends- Sarah & Jeremy. I swear we do have some people who are just “friends” and not “good friends” but this particular blog seems to have only the really good ones in it! 😉

201310181154-1423 201310181207-1446 201310181218-1468 201310181336-1522


We were invited to photograph this year’s graduates of Bucks County Opportunity Council, and I think Bryan and Lovey did a great job capturing the overall feeling of the day!201310231647-9050 201310231654-1774 201310231657-1782 201310231704-9059 201310231717-1792 201310231724-9069 201310231725-1797 201310231729-9070 201310231741-9081 201310231748-9089 201310231749-9093 201310231750-9095 201310231755-1830 201310231849-1871 201310231854-1878 201310231857-1884 201310231959-2101201310231927-1987


We do MANY things to celebrate Halloween here at Aaron Mitchell Photography, and one new way for us this year was to do the old time photos at Cairnwood Candy Apple Festival. Bryan had been doing this event the past few years with his studio Michael Kent Photography, and now we are continuing the tradition with him! Well- Aaron is continuing it with him. I was sleeping. 😀


201310271436-2134 201310271444-2138 201310271458-2167 201310271519-2172 201310271533-2181 201310271547-2189


These are some unhappy looking old tyme guys… I do like them in hats, though! 201310271556-2194

Our 13th Annual Halloween Party was fun!

Pennywise and Pinhead are friends


Tim did not dress up but looks good!201310261934-7996

Pennywise likes Melissa


Pinhead and The Bee201310261952-8008

My vote for Best Couple- always an amazing effort by the Douglass’s201310261953-8009


Melissa & Simon’s first appearance at our party!


Laurie really gets into her role!201310262152-8024

Creepy Guy killing the Killer Bee with a Banana


Aaron’s brother Adam likes Melissa too 🙂


What? This old thing? Took no time at all to throw together! 🙂201310262157-8058

I felt my “prop knife” wasn’t good enough for the camera, so I decided to use a real one. Which explains the very real fear you see on Lovey’s face.


Hahaha- he says- now put down the knife


No really, um, give me the knife.



Despite his outward appearance, Pennywise is really a good guy.


Just look how happy he was when he won grand prize!! 201310262206-8103

I love my Jessie Bee!201310262218-8122

We’re not sure when Todd turned into a burglar, or why that creepy face is looming over us- but we look like we’re having fun!


And we did actually include our children in these Halloween Festivities! Unfortunately it was rainy on our way to the amazing Lambertville celebration on Halloween, so we only have cell phone pics. But here they are in their school parade:

201310311327-2294 201310311338-2301 201310311343-2317

We will end with less costumes but still lots of fun- I am happy to be part of the 2013-14 Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Leadership Advancement Class. We’re going to learn the inside scoop about some cool places in our community, and I will share photos of them all with you! Our first “class” was a very fun team building with Gene Leffever of Interpersonal Dynamics- he’s a trip to just talk to at a card exchange- you should see him in action! We had a blast! Next blog I will share what we learned at Five Spruce Farm about agribusiness. I love that it’s part of my job to get to do this cool stuff…

201310300840-2255 201310301000-2269 201310300921-2263 201310300912-2260 201310300910-2257201310301037-2278

And before we sign off- Halloween has ended and you know what that means! The Thanksgiving turkey is plumpening and soon Christmas will be here! We’ll be at Best Friends Pet Care again this year- next Saturday November 23 from non until 4pm to take photos of your pet with Santa or Hanunkkah decorations. And not just dogs & cats! We are experienced in handling a wide variety of pets! Bring your bunny! Bring a lizard! I love reptiles. 🙂  A horse may be too big, but a goat may be ok!

Here are some of our faves from last year:

201211171340-1872 201211171507-2054 201211171600-2186Cats find this especially fun… ;P

Stay tuned for the next blog! Let me know if it should come out on a Friday again, and if you like the larger photos!


Cheryl & Aaron & (Bryan!)  and their little ghost girl & minecraft box head


  • Laurie

    November 15, 2013., 5:44 PM /

    I'm laughing out loud at the Halloween photos! So glad to be in your "good friend" circle. And since it's Friday after 5pm, I'm drinking my glass of wine (no coffee here!) as I read this!

  • Courtney Kay

    November 15, 2013., 6:38 PM /

    Love the bigger photos though I do read the blog :) I don't mind Fridays but I like morning emails. I love that you shot Bethie's wedding!

  • gloria walker

    November 17, 2013., 9:58 PM /

    The colors in the pictures seem so much more vivid than ever before. Could that be because they are bigger? love them!

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