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SO many celebrations!

Hello and welcome to the blog today!!! ūüôā I have had Kermit the Frog’s voice in my head for days, so could you read that line again but hear it being said in the same voice and manner as when Kermie says, Hello, and welcome to the Muppet Show!! And then he’s going to say Please welcome tonight’s guest host, Joe Tryon of Hatboro Federal Savings, with special guests Laurie Douglass and Drew Abbate! Yayyyy!!!!! And then I exit, waving my arms in the air over my head…

Let’s begin with Joe- and the Hatboro Borough Ball. Held at beautiful Spring Mill Country Club, it was a wonderful night of delicious dinner and dancing, and as you will see, a fun time was had by all. As you scroll thru, you can play a game called spot the famous people! ūüėČ I won’t name any- let’s see how many you know:

























And next, we have- THE HAND!! ahhhhhhhh!!!

Ok- its not actually scary- it’s a ring shot taken at an Open Aire Affairs Open House at the Pearl Buck, shot by our very own Bryan!


We had a few famous historical figure¬†sessions this month as well- first is Henry Mercer, visiting McDonald Elementary as part of the Mercer Museum’s first person theatrical program, sponsored by Hatboro Federal Savings, where ‘Henry Mercer’ himself tells of his life and work as museum founder, collector and scholar, and demonstrates some tools from his time. Aaron said the kids loved it- I hope the program gets into more schools, it looks very cool!








The next ‘historical figure’ is one you may recognize more easily- its The Cat in the Hat!! He came to Doylestown with Mayor Libby White to help celebrate the birthday of Dr. Suess, and Seniors Read Suess. For Ellen Mager of Booktender’s Secret Garden, it was especially to let people know that she and other Doylestown merchants will also be accepting donations¬†for “REACH OUT
AND READ”¬†at¬†Belview Hospital. This program serves over 1,000
underprivileged families by providing books to reinforce the need for
literacy. The hospital recently suffered a loss of the majority of its books, and Ellen is working hard to help replenish them. I am pretty sure the donation jar is still there till the end of the month!! ūüôā





And let’s greet the special guests of tonight’s show – Laurie Douglass, of award winning Bucks Happening chocolatier Laurie’s Chocolates, and Drew Abbate, owner chef of The Vine and Fig Tree Bistro, as they throw a magnificent Dinner and a Movie party with the Chris Collier of The County Theater. These happen once every few months or so, and from the photos you can see why they are sold old every time. They chose Chocolat for this movie, and guests are offered wine and appetizers as they walk into the theater (delicious chocolate orange hazelnut bark, and chicken and shrimp with mole sauce). After the movie,¬†everyone walks across the street to The Vine & Fig where Drew has, with amazing attention to detail, dressed, decorated and replicated exactly the food presented in the movie. It was a fun memorable night- and we can’t wait to see what movie and food he will come up with for the next one! I love it- it’s such a perfectly Dtown kind of thing to¬†have!!

Some of the regulars – they couldn’t rave enough about each Dinner & Movie event they’ve been to


Chris telling of future events at the County- SO MANY cool things going on!










I almost forgot to share some family time with you all!

In preparation for spring, which we urge to come forth as soon as it can- we all went to Peace Valley Nature Center for Maple Syrup Day! The nature center rocks- we love the events they have- so often for free- and the patience and knowledge of all their naturalists- totally worth visiting and becoming members!!

Listening to the sap run



Drew didn’t want to listen, but the Daddies both did!

And then we make the littlest girl carry the buckets of sap!!


Now, as we end our show, let’s give a big round of applause to each of our special guests, for all of the amazing work that they are doing!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!

And as you exit, I ask you to gaze upon these people.




I cannot tell you who they are (though you may know!) or what they are doing, or why…

But all will be revealed soon!!

Love & Laughter,

Cheryl & Aaron and their intrepid little leprechaun hunters



  • Betti-Lou Maus

    March 15, 2013., 8:11 PM /

    Very nice pics. I especially liked the ones of the children listening for the Maple Syrup, even the Big children. :) Nice blog!

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    March 15, 2013., 8:13 PM /

    HA!!! Loved the funny eyes. Love ya!

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