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Spring time and Family time





Bucks County Photography

We’re gearing up for the first wedding of the year this weekend! So I am busying myself getting back into the routine of the craziness of the season, and planned to skip this week’s blog. But Aaron would have none of that, he said ‘oh no, no- you’re always preaching that consistency is so important with blogs, and any social media, blah blah blah’ and it’s true, therefore- you have this week’s blog! ūüôā

Let’s begin with this family portrait session and party for Christina’s uncle. Bryan and Joe captured this wonderful account of a family’s love, for them to hold onto¬†forever.










So, in honor of this gorgeous weather this week, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spring past times. Here is one: sometimes on really nice days Joe Tryon and I hang out in the top tower of the Mercer Museum and pose for photos. Hehehe- no, not really- Aaron was just using me to test the lighting¬†for some images we were taking for ParleeStumpf of Joe and the Mercer Museum.


Corey Amsler, Joe & ‘Henry Mercer with Rollo’ (who are really Jamie Bradley & oh darn it,… I said her name all day too.. I want to say Bella…)

There’s a photo very similar to this of the actual Henry Mercer and Rollo, in his office¬†at the museum.


I loved this shot! ¬†It looks completely posed (and really, doesn’t it totally look like something out of Scooby Doo?!) but it is actually just some tourists roaming the museum while Aaron was checking the lighting¬†for the next shot.


And I am sad to say, that is all I have for you today! No, no, don’t start weeping. There will be more soon. Next post you’ll get to see wedding photos, heroic award recipients, baseball photos, and so much more!! But for now, I must go contact the other vendors for Alicia’s wedding this weekend, find black baseball pants for Aidan, run from a meeting this morning to centers at kindergarten at noon, and then I will probably see some of you at the Art Exhibition this evening in New Hope!

Happy Springtime!

Love, Cheryl & Aaron and their little apple blossoms


  • Betti-Lou Maus

    April 11, 2013., 8:23 PM /

    Nice pictures! Nice family portrait session, I like Rollo! Hehe, I really like "No, no, don’t start weeping" part. :) L U

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