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Some of Us Just Can’t Juggle





Bucks County Photography


It seems like other people are great jugglers. They can run their businesses single handed, work out every day, cook amazing delicious meals, and play outside with their kids for hours. I know it. I’ve seen them on Facebook!

Alas, I have recently learned, I am not so skilled. I love doing all of those things, but it seems I can only actually succeed at perhaps three things a day. Usually only two of them well. And I have stopped trying to clean the house entirely.

But writing this blog is truly one of my favorite things to do, and it’s something I just must make more time for. It’s even harder now, since I became D.O.O. at ParleeStumpf marketing, and I am not going on as many of the shoots thanks to our wonderful Bryan and our new Ashlee (soon-to-be-formally introduced with photo!)

I was on this first shoot that I am going to share, and I am so glad, because this was such an enjoyable couple to spend time getting to know. Bryan and I met with Ed & Karen Mullaney in order to interview and photograph them for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce W-4 magazine. Their story is a great one, and I will be sure to link to it once it is published! I won’t spoil anything now. 😉 But I will let you look at them:

201404221112-8392201404221115-8397 201404221147-8432

One of our first weddings this season was a special one to us, because it was the wedding our our good friend Amy’s Mom, Joanne! And the event was especially poignant because it happened only one week after the birth of Amy & Dann’s first baby, and Joanne’s first grandson! I could have happily spend all day taking photos of just baby Joseph, but it wasn’t his wedding day, so we made sure to get the majority of Joanne and Bob! 🙂

201404261120-8461 201404261122-8667201404261147-8708 201404261150-8496 201404261220-8532 201404261235-8548 201404261241-2946 201404261249-8555

 Look at him!! Only 7 days old and rockin’ his tiny tux!! I love this baby!201404261251-2967201404261332-8702 201404261414-8762 201404261416-2996 201404261528-8793

Bob rocked his tux pretty well too 😉201404261544-8913 201404261634-8889

I had to get a hug in with Bob. 201404261635-8892


We did the wedding photos for Amanda and Micheal in February, and Micheal’s dad wanted a nice formal family portrait too, so Bryan & Aaron visited them again this spring.201405031644-9206 201405031632-9170 201405031544-9102

The next event I was especially sad to miss, because it was with some of my favorite people!! Lovey and Bryan went to  what I am pretty sure was the first open house at the gorgeous Glen Foerd mansion, newly acquired as a venue by Jamie Hollander Catering. We will happily attend any event where we can bask in the presence of Kate Conaway from Jamie Hollander – because she’s just that awesome. Plus our friends from Open Aire affairs were all there- Shannon & Nancy, Kim, Rae, our buddy Bob from Philly Events Group, and I think I even see Mark from Mark Bryan Designs in these photos! I do not like missing such a good party!! >:(  I hope to see you all again soon!!

201405081744-9222 201405082046-9377 201405082045-9375 201405081951-9349 201405081946-9341 201405081925-9327 201405081849-9297 201405081819-9267 201405081801-9246

Nothing compares to- or makes my mouth water as much as-  the Jamie Hollander Cheese Arrangement…sigh….201405081754-9237 201405081753-9235

Aaron and Bryan were happy to shoot the red Cross Hero’s Breakfast again this year, and came home once again with heartwarming stories of how truly remarkable people can be in emergency situations. And they got to hang out with my favorite Judge Renee Hughes! I like her.

201405150734-9664 201405150735-9665 201405150842-9416201405150809-9394 201405150848-9421 201405150851-9426

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick seems to be at a lot of the events we shoot- which makes me feel like I  should get to know this him. Obviously we enjoy hanging out with the same crowds!  201405150854-9430 201405150908-9689 201405150911-9694 201405150913-9699 201405150915-9700 201405150919-9706 201405150932-9723 201405150946-9731

The Taste of The World Gala thrown by the Pearl S Buck Foundation every year is one of my favorites- it’s right down the road and it’s filled with delicious food made by all of my favorite caterer friends, plus cool auction items! Sadly this year I was so violently ill that Aaron told me I wasn’t allowed to even approach the event. I sadly stayed home in bed, almost able to hear from my window all the celebrations happening without me. 🙁

201405161730-1485 201405161732-1488 201405161743-9979 201405161802-0002 201405162026-0056 201405162054-9546 201405162057-0061

I missed Tony auctioneering!! 201405162102-9562


In addition to being on the leadership board for the Red Cross, Lovey is also now officially a Rotarian! (He suspiciously  made this decision after I came home telling him how much I was enjoying the Rotary events I was attending, and thinking I may join. I obviously made it sounds too fun because he quickly decided to join before I could! Meanie!!) One of the big events that the Central Bucks Rotary hold each year is their Ride for The Heros, and we were honored to be able to shoot it for them this year. Well, Bryan was honored for us because he shot it himself while we were both away. 😉

201406010811-9920 201406010825-9928 201406010841-9934 201406010859-9966 201406010906-9972 201406010915-9982 201406010935-9992 201406010936-9998 201406010942-0007 201406011014-9772 201406011027-9781 201406011039-9791 201406011056-9809 201406011103-9816 201406011105-0141 201406011107-0165 201406011314-0181 201406011316-9847 201406011401-9866 201406011405-9869 201406011408-0236

Brown Bag It with the Arts is another fun event we like to go to (and yet another committee Lovey is on- really, how many things must the man be involved in?!). We’ll sometimes take the kids on Wednesday in the summer, and now sometimes the whole ParleeStumpf office crew spends some quality bonding time lunching there! Bill on the accordion is a huge hit every year.

201406041203-0256 201406041216-0269 201406041224-0273

The Red Ball Committee and the commissioners, all decked out in front of the new courthouse (which they are not calling the new courthouse for some reason). This is finally a committee I am on- but since I have only been able to attend one meeting, I felt I would be better put to use organizing the shoot than being in it. Plus I had no red gown that fit.

201406041232-0278 201406041232-0280 201406041234-0283

After that shot, we ushered the commissiony people back across to pose with the Brown Bag it Committee (minus Aaron). I called them “commissony people”  while posing them and they seemed to go with it, so henceforth that is their name to me. 201406041243-0296I think I shall end there, as I feel this has gone on long enough! 😀 There are some more cool photos to show you from the past two months- beach fun, Lovey’s trip to Panama- but we will save them for next time, along with lots more weddings, 4th of July festivities, one cool lawyer, random events, and a formal intro to our new girl Ashlee! woohoo! Stay tuned!

…And…I have no idea how to sign off anymore….now I need to add not just Bryan but Ashlee to the mix, and does that mean I just stop including the children??? Ahhhhh….!

I’ll just say- Happy Weekend Everyone!

May your 4th of July Celebrations be fun and bright!

Love, All of Us


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