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Our ramblings about wedding photography, infant photography, portrait photography and just about anything else that crosses our mind!

First comes love…

Love always comes first! I don’t think there are any moments that Aaron and I capture that are not ones filled with love. Brides, moms to be, tiny newborns–all wonderful beginnings to a life that will now be filled with a completely new kind of love, more than they’ve ever experienced before. Sometimes the realization […]

Send lawyers, guns, and money!

Well, okay, maybe the guns are extreme, we’ll settle for lawyers and money. Though nothing has actually hit any fans around here, I have just had that song in my head since this our lawyer shoot this afternoon…. And now I give it to you! Is the song in your head now?? Good! 🙂 We […]

Kisses that make you see fireworks

Don’t be fooled by this week’s blog title, it isn’t just firework inducing kisses I’ll be sharing with you! (well, um, I won’t really be sharing those with you either, really. I mean, not from me, personally…) What I mean to say is that there’s a lot to see here today! 🙂 We have some fascinatingly […]

Family Fun, plus a little Summer Heat

Welcome to the dog days of Summer!! ….If only we had dog pictures to share with you, it would be just perfect. Alas, we do not. We have just about Everything else, however!!  But wait- I must first make an announcement! Today, Thursday July 14, is the 9th Anniversary of the day I married the […]

Inner Beauty Contest winner!

Happy 5th of July! Wait, that doesn’t sound right… 🙂 I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday weekend as we all did here! Such a fun filled weekend- so many friends, family, and FOOD! 🙂 Before we announce the winner of this year’s Inner Beauty Contest, I wanted to share some pictures from the […]

Robots,trains, hula hoops and babies!

There is more to show you this week than you’ve ever seen before! Talk about crazy busy! 🙂 Summer has officially begun, and at our house the first day was a complete and happy success! But–before I even go into any details about that, I must warn you that time is running out to enter our […]