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2014 highlights and more…

OK, I’m still trying to get used to the idea of trying to write a blog every other week, but I’m getting better. At least now it’s once a month!  Things move so fast around here I don’t even remember what has been going on until I start looking over the photos!  So, before I […]

Spring time and Family time

We’re gearing up for the first wedding of the year this weekend! So I am busying myself getting back into the routine of the craziness of the season, and planned to skip this week’s blog. But Aaron would have none of that, he said ‘oh no, no- you’re always preaching that consistency is so important […]

Chock full of happy!

Happy Summertime! The summer solstice may not be here yet, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature- it’s HOT! I like it fairly hot- I like to be able to walk through a summer evening, listening to crickets chirp, bare arms swinging as the warm air floats over my skin. I do not, however, like […]

So many ducks, in so many rows…

Someone asked me recently if I could meet with her over a cup of coffee, and explain how I manage being a business owner, a wife and, most importantly, a mom, without going insane. I said I am so sorry, I could not possibly do that, because you see, I AM insane! And indeed, any […]

Overwhelmed much??

I had written a very nice, very long blog for today- one that, between editing pictures, verifying facts and adding the links has taken me from 11am until 4pm (Wednesday). At approximately 4:05 PM I put the computer down to meet the bus. When I came back, Everything I had done all day WAS GONE. […]

Read this! It’s funny!

Okay, I must apologize for the title of this week’s blog. I can’t seem to think of a catchy title this week, and I am waiting for someone to tell me a good joke so I can get into witty and compelling blog writing mode. I should have written it yesterday when the sunshine and […]

Game on!

Hey there everyone!! It’s dark, dreary and pouring rain as I write this, and my son’s highly anticipated First Game of his First season ever playing baseball has been cancelled. Many things have gotten cancelled this week, and I feared becoming dreary myself as a result. BUT!! I just read something today referring to attitudes, […]

Beat this busy week and win a prize!

  Prepare yourself for a harrowing account of the busiest week ever lived. Now- if you have had one  even busier- please tell us! We will give you something– possibly a child! … Let us begin where we left off last blog- Saturday came and Aidan, my sister and I headed to Newark airport to pick up […]