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Springy Thingy

When Aidan was little we loved this show called Peep and The Big Wide World, and the very first episode was called Springy Thingy. It pretty much sums up the way I feel each spring, as I finally glimpse the first crocus of the season. If you have never seen this show you must now, […]

Four weddings and the coming of All Hallow’s Eve

This is Halloween… this is Halloween…Halloween, HALLOWEEN!! Just a little glimpse into my brain, that’s pretty much what it always chants this week, every year…¬†ūüôā (For those who can’t quite place it- it’s from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.) But before I lose myself in the holiday, I will let you know what we’ve […]

What am I today??

Today is my Blog Writing day. That means today I get to work while Aaron juggles the monkeys–um, tends to the kids. I look forward to this day, it is on the calendar and it means I get a few hours to go though the last week’s pictures, pick my favorites, and write what I […]

New Babe in town!

Hello sunshine!! Is this awesome weather or what?? In a weird way, I have to say ¬†I am happy to have such snowy cold winters (sledding incidents and all) if just to really appreciate the feel of the sun on my skin again….aahhhhhhhh…. We’ve been spending lots of time outdoors over here, as we beautify […]

Springing Along!

Hello there!! I have missed everyone! We were in, or en route to and from, Atlanta for the past two weeks so I am a week late writing. There’s a whole lot to catch up on!! I really want to tell all about our road trip, but first I want to share the photos of […]

SO that’s enough snow…

Really, we love snow here! Aaron and I get as giddy and excited as kids when it first comes, and you should hear my sister when she sees it! ūüôā I loved it, and spending so much cozy time trapped together, playing with our neighbors, not doing any work- it was wonderful! But – I […]

Our family vacation- and more!

We traveled once again to the Outer Bank for our annual Beach Week with the Kelling family! Aaron and Glenn worked together years ago and¬†we have all been¬†friends since– Glenn was Best Man at our wedding and Layla designed my wedding gown! Then they up and moved to Georgia! ūüôĀ¬† SO as you can imagine […]

Nothing to see here….

¬† We are in catch up mode here! So there will be no actual blog post (that’s right- this is NOT a blog post- it’s a post describing how there will¬†be no blog post…!) But come back next week because boy will we have pictures & stories¬†for YOU! We’ll tell you all about meeting our […]