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This week’s post is entitled “Ben”.

I had a lot of other ideas- “Two brides and two best friends” or “Beach babies run wild” or just “Summertime Summertime Sum-sum-Summertime!” But I have chosen “Ben”. This is because as I went through Cait & Pete’s shots to pick some for this blog, everytime I would see one of Ben Crowley, Aaron and I would yell […]

What a Fantastic week!

Oh my, oh my!! I don’t know if the blog will even be able to hold all the things I have to tell about this week!! The number of photos alone, without the stories behind them, could take far more than a coffee break’s worth of time! And while a picture may say a thousand […]

New Babe in town!

Hello sunshine!! Is this awesome weather or what?? In a weird way, I have to say  I am happy to have such snowy cold winters (sledding incidents and all) if just to really appreciate the feel of the sun on my skin again….aahhhhhhhh…. We’ve been spending lots of time outdoors over here, as we beautify […]

What a wonderful week!

  So I warned all of my loyal readers that the past week was going to be a busy one- and boy was it! SO busy that now it is TWO weeks past and I am way behind on posting! I am sorry! On Thursday my baby boy graduated fromKindergarten! 🙁  Well, really round one of […]

We love our Contest Winners!

Well it’s been awhile- after a lovely Mother’s Day we had a rough two weeks over here in Loveyland!  (For those who do not yet know, Aaron’s nickname is Lovey, together we are The Loveys:  ergo our home is Loveyland. Oh yes, we really are that sappy! 😉  A bit less sappy, perhaps, during the weeks that […]

Contest Deadline approaches!

   Hey Everybody! There are less than 10 days left to submit your entry for our Inner Beauty Contest! The response has been overwhelming, but we don’t want to miss anyone! Make sure you include lots of details as to WHY this person is beautiful on the inside. (And I’m sorry Mom- but nominating me […]