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No days without laughter

Yep- that’s the snowman Aaron and Aleia built this week…the week of March 25. I love snow. I love it all winter. I wait and hope that the inches they forecast will become two digit numbers. In the winter. It’s spring now, and I would like to have warmth again. Though, even as I crave […]

SO many celebrations!

Hello and welcome to the blog today!!! 🙂 I have had Kermit the Frog’s voice in my head for days, so could you read that line again but hear it being said in the same voice and manner as when Kermie says, Hello, and welcome to the Muppet Show!! And then he’s going to say […]

Many Happy Lives

We all lead a lot of lives anymore. Work, home, family, friends, even our social networking personas- so many sides to all of us- and don’t forget just our own personal selves. I think we do tend to sometimes forget the ‘ourselves ‘ part with all of the other lives- and even get to to […]

Hot summer nights!

Wow is it hot! And though we may have swum in mugginess for some of the May weddings, we avoided the rain! Yay! Are you ready to see more of Tracy & Tim’s wedding?? I know they are! 🙂 Tracy made a beautiful bride, Tim was awesome, and we got to work with our new […]

Babies, heros and armies of chocolate

Hello and happy beautiful spring day to you all! I have recently discovered, much to my chagrin, dismay and horror, that SOME of you do not actually read the writing that I spend so much time composing for this blog. SOME of you just want to scroll through and look at the pretty pictures! ****sigh**** […]

SO that’s enough snow…

Really, we love snow here! Aaron and I get as giddy and excited as kids when it first comes, and you should hear my sister when she sees it! 🙂 I loved it, and spending so much cozy time trapped together, playing with our neighbors, not doing any work- it was wonderful! But – I […]

Contest Deadline approaches!

   Hey Everybody! There are less than 10 days left to submit your entry for our Inner Beauty Contest! The response has been overwhelming, but we don’t want to miss anyone! Make sure you include lots of details as to WHY this person is beautiful on the inside. (And I’m sorry Mom- but nominating me […]