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This week’s post is entitled “Ben”.

I had a lot of other ideas- “Two brides and two best friends” or “Beach babies run wild” or just “Summertime Summertime Sum-sum-Summertime!” But I have chosen “Ben”. This is because as I went through Cait & Pete’s shots to pick some for this blog, everytime I would see one of Ben Crowley, Aaron and I would yell […]

Beat this busy week and win a prize!

  Prepare yourself for a harrowing account of the busiest week ever lived. Now- if you have had one  even busier- please tell us! We will give you something– possibly a child! … Let us begin where we left off last blog- Saturday came and Aidan, my sister and I headed to Newark airport to pick up […]

Memories and Summer Fun

    It is 7 am in the morning, July 14, 2009, and as I sit here to write about our past week, I can’t help but keep fading back to our past years, to this day seven years ago… I had woken at 6am– although I wanted to sleep in I was too anxious to see […]