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Bridal showers, baseball and races

Hello! Happy Mother’s Day weekend! As I write this it is a dark and stormy day- but it’s really pretty cool. It looks so nice against the bright spring green leaves. And the rain is falling on all of my freshly mulched flower beds. If I had gotten the peas planted in the garden I’d […]

No days without laughter

Yep- that’s the snowman Aaron and Aleia built this week…the week of March 25. I love snow. I love it all winter. I wait and hope that the inches they forecast will become two digit numbers. In the winter. It’s spring now, and I would like to have warmth again. Though, even as I crave […]

It’s the End of the World as We Know it!

Yikes, Jinkies and all of the other Scooby Doo expressions for what the HECK!?! The world is literally falling down around us over here! A blizzard on Halloween weekend–just perfectly timed to severely affect our big once a year party, thanks Mother Nature– trees ravaged by snow, branches and entire bodies falling left and right […]